• Carl

    Hey Joe, I m handling a project at the moment with 10 Artists to produce, record, mix and master with all original material in five different genres to be start to finsh in 24 Days…WHAT S UP NEXT? – I think you should sell T-Shirts! 🙂

  • Michael Ngugi M

    Hey Joe i get what you mean by breaking things down to what will i do next to getting achieve a goal. Thanks for the video

  • Dylan Burrowes

    I needed this!

  • Carl

    As a matter of fact, the answer the question “What s the next thing that needs to be done” would be in my case: Go home, get some sleep, come back rested and with a sharp mind, and ask again 😉

  • Christopher Jansen

    Joe – I read the book I think when it first came out. While it’s a technical read, one can’t help but be entirely drawn in. By way of his diary and unassuming approach – his frailty & humanity is on full display. But, you’re right – as I read the book, I couldn’t help but start translating his predicaments of survival into my day-to-day workings. The entire book was a very positive read! I’d call it essential reading, in fact.

  • Dave P

    Thanks Joe! This little nugget is exactly what I needed at this moment… Not just for my current project, but life in general. Overwhelmed is an understatement. Being reminded to focus on one thing at a time is something I think we all could benefit from every now and again.

    • Renee_Jacobs

      Dave P I can definitely relate to where you’re coming from. To have so many projects and responsibilities overwhelms your mind into feeling you will never complete any of them. I enjoyed this video as it gave me the nudge in the right direction.