Front-Cover-Sinai-297x300You may remember that I posted about my brother-in-law’s upcoming album a few weeks ago. Well, today is the official release date. You can purchase it here:

The Sinai Alliance – Though the Darkness Hide Thee

It’s a rocking, eclectic collection of traditional Christian hymns, but done in a style like you’ve never heard before. Even if you’re not down with hymns in general, I think you should give it a shot. It’s good stuff.

Also, I sang lead vocals on track 4, and I mastered the album.

Why am I telling you about this? Well, first of all I want to support my bro-in-law’s music.

However, there’s a bigger point I want to make here.

Six month ago, while I was at Sweetwater, Joel (my brother-in-law) bought an Mbox 2 Mini and Reason 4 from me. He also bought some JBL LSR 2325 monitors.

That’s it.

Six months later, Joel is releasing this album. Six months later.

My point? You don’t need to buy super-fancy equipment to make an album. Joel used the Mbox 2 and all the stock Digi plug-ins along with Reason to create and mix the entire album.

I’m not downplaying the fact that big studios allow for you to make great recordings, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a great-sounding album from home.

Go buy the album. It’s like $7.

  • Very interesting… thanks.

  • carlisle

    great music I will be copin a copy of this cd.

    mbox2 mini WoW!!!!


    It is astounding what you can do with a few pieces of great gear.

  • Congrats Joel on your release, I’ll pick it up. Great accomplishment, an album in six months. Can’t wait to hear it man.

    Gale, I know what you mean – mastering is more art than engineering I think.

    • Hmm…someone should offer a course on this stuff, eh??

  • Gale

    Well, you have now opened a can of worms…. You mentioned “I mastered it” can you do a few vids on this process? that would be AWESOME !!!!! “mastering” always seems like a big secret for some reason.


    Will do.

  • I should add that Izotope Trash really, really helped get the distortion sounds I wanted. So that helped along with the stock plug-ins.

  • Thanks for getting me started on this project, bro! 🙂