• Noah

    OH MY GOSH those bg vocals are soooooooo cool. (sorry, big 80’s/Def Lep/Mutt Lange fan, so I’m biased)

    Forgive me because this complete ignores the topic of the video but how many vocals tracks is that? Three harmonies parts? All real takes or any copy/paste?

    I looooove dem 80s vocal sounds so if you could tell a lil bit about this example I will love you forever. Thanks Joe

    • Dude, you should come over to Dueling Mixes and download ’em yourself! 🙂
      I think it’s around 6-8 tracks for each part.

      • Noah

        is it only over there this month?

        • We don’t keep all months available. Kinda like a magazine.

  • Joseph Kurz

    Great tip! I’m new to Home Studio Corner and have started through the archives. I’m getting great advice from you and others who leave comments. Thanks for putting so much work into this. I’m already hearing a difference in my mixes just based on ‘getting it right from the source’. Look forward to getting completely caught up.

  • Nadeem Merchant

    ah,… another interesting trip down to the red light district. lol. I understood what you were talking about. Great tip!