• Or else! Lol!

  • Rob

    Try blending in distortion on a bass one and adding different chorus effects on the upper ones. }:) Can you detune by decimal amounts or cents with that? I don’t have a DAW (at least, not one considered professional), and I’m in the market for one. Having the ability to go up or down by cents or decimals of semitones, especially as easily as you did with whole semitones on these, would be a boon to stuff I like to do.

    • Yup, you can do semitones and cents. 🙂

  • Laughed a lot while listening to this. Really cool, Joe!

    This technique allows you to get really creative if you want a quick fix there is always the X-Orcism plugin from SSL which is available for free here:

    Just thought I’d share it. Maybe it’s helpful (:

  • Nadeem Merchant

    lol! you’re one funny dude.