Welcome MatAfter posting the two video tours of my home studio last week (Part 1 and Part 2), Jon at Audio Geek Zine joined in the fun and posted a video tour of his home studio. Check it out. Good stuff.

This got me thinking. These video tours have become pretty popular, so let’s see yours!! If you have a camcorder, upload a tour of your home studio to YouTube and post a link to it in the comments section. If you don’t have a camcorder, head over to the Home Studio Corner Forums and upload some pics of your setup.

Come on, we’re all dying to see it.

Photo by hragv

  • Anonymous

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    I don’t have a camcorder. But I do have a cheap digital camera. So, maybe, I’ll snap some photos. The place sure is a mess, though.

  • Awesome tour David, loved the keyboard drum sampler examples. Hey you own the same amp & monitors I do… How do you like the 6-string “banjo”? Do you like the sound you’re getting with it? I figure people’s ears can’t tell if you’re just playing certain strings, but thought I would ask. I was thinking of adding one of those Dean “banjitars” to my setup someday. Again, great tour – I’ll check out the Foxymorons, love the name.

    I love this site, I discover new artists around here every day. I hope to add some of my own music to the groove around here soon…

    • julian, i LOVE my fake banjo. i failed to mention the brand in my video. it is indeed a dean. it makes it SO easy to add some simple banjo texture to a song. no more fumbling around the fretboard of a real banjo for hours looking for a simple part.

      • Thanks David! I’m gonna be gifting myself a Dean for xmas then, I really want to add a banjo layer to a song idea I’m messing with.
        hey I see you’re in my neck of the woods (Plano TX) next month, I’ll come out and see the show! thx again for the tour and fake banjo info man, cheers!

    • David. You’re freaking hilarious.


      That was funny. I think the Condenser Mic you didn’t know the name of was an Oktava.

      • ah, thanks william. i just googled it and read up on it some.


          No Problem, I found your CD on Emusic (They carry CD Baby Label Artist). I was impressed, I’ll have to download it soon. Indie Artist Unite!!

    • Yep it is crazy what you can get out of “minimal” great of you are keen, careful and intelligent. Hmmm na.. wont say it.

    • BTW.. Listened to samples of your CD.. Nice sound. Congrads.

  • Thanks to both of you 🙂

    Actually, I’ll have to set up a new home studio in a really small place… I will miss my stony walls but it’s exciting to build a new set up 🙂

  • Here’s a nickel tour to my own humble recording digs. Anaon I can totally relate to the stone walls, I nicknamed mine “Brick & Mortar Studios” – you’ll see why.
    Pretty basic set up, ProjectMix I/O w/ Yamaha HS-50 monitors etc. It’s not a huge amount of stuff, but for me it’s more about the ear than the gear…
    Fair warning, I do say “um” a lot in the video, sorry about that.


      The Ah’s and Um’s didn’t bother me. Cool Setup.

      • Thx man, it was fun doing it.

    • Julian nice large space. Yep acoustics may need treatment from what I could see.

      Anyway.. Open Back headphones comment
      Just my personal opinion but…
      I have both.. Love the open back for mixing/engineering.. Seem to me to give a more natural “open” sounds when mixing. Closed back seem to put in a lot of enclosed “head sound” which I don’t like. Also I find closed back hard work after hours of listening and my head and ears get tired quicker. So I use opens for mixing at the dsk and engineering work.
      But yep agree not good recording that is when the closed backs come in. Isolation etc is great.
      I suggest considering using both they both have fabulous uses.. so take advantage of them.

      Again JMHO..

      • Steve, thanks so much for the advice. I’ll definitely not be tossing the Sony headphones, and I didn’t even think about how they might be good for close-up mixing and comparing with monitors. Great suggestion! Thanks again man.

  • Great idea!

    Here is my very humble home studio :

    Changes happened since this video as I changed the Alesis monitors for Adam A7 monitors and the ESI 1010 soundcard for a RME Multiface 🙂

    • Nice! Thanks Anaon. I love the stone walls. Very cool setup indeed.


      Very nice setup!

    • Likewise love the stone walls etc..
      Must be a cool place to hang out in. The atmosphere etc looks brilliant.

      The stone walls must give you hell sometimes with reflections etc surely? Ok sometimes that can be “nice” as it is a kinda natural reverb. How do you handle it?

      If it is causing a problem on stuff like vocals etc. why not try one of those reflection shields on the mic.. SE Electronics make them as do other guy’s.
      SE’s is a little more expensive than other brands.

      ( btw if you have one check out this article on how to make them more stable as they tend to be a little out of balance with a mic installed http://tinyurl.com/yhq5u5g )

      • Well, there’s some acoustic foam here and there and it’s quite good. When the room was empty, there’s a natural reverb which has been reduced with my homemade acoustic treatment 🙂

        Thanks Alaric, coziness is really important to me 🙂

    • Alaric

      Nice Studio Anaon!
      I like the coziness of the room

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  • Nice. Can’t wait to see it!

  • Awesome. I just shot one yesterday afternoon, when I get home from work I’ll xfer it from the camera up to Youtube and post tonight.