Unbluckling the Beltway

Last night I did a radio interview with Tim Hill, a buddy of mine from college. Tim hosts a political radio show on WEBR Fairfax in Washington, D.C. In addition to discussing all things political, Tim’s been focusing on topics of interest outside the political arena.

He’s been intrigued by Home Studio Corner for a while and thought it would be interesting to have me phone in as a guest.

Here’s a recording of the show. Keep in mind, the show was streaming on the internet, so the sound quality isn’t all that great.

  • great to hear you’re getting attention here in northern VA! home studios ftw!

  • Hey Joe-
    Great job on with the interview.
    I am glad that Home Studio Corner is getting some well deserved press. You sounded great.
    Keep the great posts coming!

  • Rogério Favilla

    Dear Joe,

    Good to see you and your personal project growing on the success you undoubtly deserve! I really like your posture about taking the reins of your own dreams and to show off the possibilities are to everyone around, as well as sharing your knowledge so openly with us. Particularly, I apreciate when you, beside being a obvious sound/recording techno `geek`, do stress the point about one not waiting to have a perfect gear setting to start to doin` what is the actual target of all this: the music itself. Thanks for being yourself.

    A huge Brazillian hug (sorry for any english misuse and abuse . . .)


  • Glad to see you getting some promo on the radio, Joe. I doubt many of us in the music software training business can say that 🙂

  • David S

    couldn’t make it all the way through. unfortunately, the host is just not my cup of tea and kept me from finishing the interview. despite that, joe, i’m glad your getting the website some airtime. its a great site and looking forward to learning more from you.

    • Unfortunately I had the same issue. The host does seem to be into politics, not entertaining! However, Joe was indeed in there to save the day. 😉 – However, it is all for the sake of this AWESOME blog so I support whatever Joe does 100%. Learning products is the way to go online nowadays. However, only a few have the gift to create quality products. Joe does and this is why I have been here for the past 2 months.

      • Did not realized about all the “howevers” I left! Sorry for that…

  • Cool, some extra publicity in a DC radio market, sweet. So long as no lobbyists show up here wanting to create art, I’m good. LOL

    I really like idea you discussed with Tim about possible learning products, I’d be totally down with that!!