Several months ago I posted a video tour of my home studio. Well, I’ve since moved and changed things up a bit, so here’s a brand-new updated tour of my home studio. Enjoy!

What about YOU?!

I’d love to see a tour of your home studio. Post one on YouTube and put a link to it in the comments section here.

I’ve got something exciting to announce tomorrow, but I’ll need 10 comments on this post before I post it. Ready? Go!

95 Responses to “NEW Tour of my Home Studio [Video]”

  1. Joe McKenney

    Hey joe i loved the tour of your studio and I am in the process of setting up my own in the living room of my 3beedroom apt ti would be easier inone of the bedrooms but thats another story. Where did you get your workstation desk for your Mac and control surface this is what i have been looking for with the raised monitor shelf??

  2. Alex

    Hey Joe, I’ve read that its best to angle your monitors towards your head so you get a good direct sound from the speaker. I’ve also noticed that you do not have your monitors set up this way? Which is right? I haven’t tried it your way yet, but I’m guessing that there is some advantage to it…

    • Joe Gilder

      Good question, Alex. Almost all studio monitors are designed to be “toed in,” as they say. Mine were not. If you read the manual on the M-Audio EX66’s, you’ll see they were designed to fire forwards. This has to do with their 2-woofer design and wide dispersion.

      I always defer to the manual on stuff like this…just to make sure I’m using the gear as it was intended to be used.

  3. Khalil Jubran

    you studio is very good , you looks more guitarist person , i am more keyboard person 🙂 ,

    it seems also you are more into software vst ,i am using both , but for me , i am  a person who works also on gigging as a live performer which makes me buy more stuff. and djing also.
    anyway many thanks ..i will upload soon my studio tour

  4. Anonymous

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  5. Anonymous

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  6. Anonymous

    It is a nice video of your home studio. I am really impressed by your home studio video. Its looks so amazing and beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us.

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  7. Binu

    Hi.. Joe.. nice arrangements. Please put your rack into floor,I think it will obstruct the sound from your monitor.

  8. Tbonetaylor

    How is the iMac working out for you? I’m debating a new iMac or a Macbook Pro, I use an external drive for the audio and a Presonus Studiolive for the mixing. I really just need stability and quiet.

    • Joe Gilder

      iMac has been fantastic. If you don’t need to be portable, it’s a great option. And it might be a bit quieter than a Macbook Pro…but don’t hold me to that.

  9. Francis

    Hi Jo Nice to see your an Ibanez hollow body fan me too AS83. What are those reflection filters on your mics? Also I notice you are an M audio fan have you ever used Nova mics?



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