Are you familiar with WinkSound? These guys post all sorts of cool videos related to music and audio production. They’ve posted many of my videos and have been a great friend to Home Studio Corner.

Here’s a cool video they just released, featuring Rodney “DarkChild” Jenkins’ studio. If you like looking at piles of cool gear, you’ll enjoy this video. (Just hit the play button to begin.)

  • Roland

    His ears make the money, not the equipment. The right equipment is good to have, but I think there are way too many toys here. Too easy to get lost,; to loose focus. This is a smoke screen. 18 subs?? What a joke.
    A great photographer with a crappy camera will still take great pictures; a poor photographer with the best collection of cameras will still take crappy photos even after spending countless hours figuring out how to use some of them.

    • Yeah, but it sure is fun to look at. šŸ˜‰


    This guy has room to gloat! LOL!

  • Wow…even the small studio would put many studio A’s at other facilities to shame.

  • Brandon Morgan

    I should have taken some beano before watching that video because now I’ve got some serious G.A.S.