“Click here to register for the webinar.”


  • Terrance P. Winkler

    Joe ,
    Would love to know(see) what you use to get that. BIG. Articulate vocal sound for podcasts.

    I love the podcast audio quality …….. I am currently using the following signal chain…

    Shure SM7B. – to ART MPA PRO 2 Mic pre amp into Aphex Aurial Exciter (very mild settings just for punch) then into scarlet 2I2 at zero gain settings…
    I use moxcraft 6 for my daw…..

  • Terrance P. Winkler

    Looking forward to this!

  • Howell Selburn

    Already registered although for my first project I’m going to be in the virtual world. But I think any self respecting engineer has to know this stuff. It’s not optional.

  • chrisw92

    This is how you should have the the camera angle positioned on all video’s from now on.

    Kidding aside, I’m glad there’s a replay of the video for us who can’t make it due to time zone differences.