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5 Responses to “No Frills Guide to Mics [Video]”

  1. Terrance P. Winkler

    Joe ,
    Would love to know(see) what you use to get that. BIG. Articulate vocal sound for podcasts.

    I love the podcast audio quality …….. I am currently using the following signal chain…

    Shure SM7B. – to ART MPA PRO 2 Mic pre amp into Aphex Aurial Exciter (very mild settings just for punch) then into scarlet 2I2 at zero gain settings…
    I use moxcraft 6 for my daw…..

  2. Howell Selburn

    Already registered although for my first project I’m going to be in the virtual world. But I think any self respecting engineer has to know this stuff. It’s not optional.

  3. chrisw92

    This is how you should have the the camera angle positioned on all video’s from now on.

    Kidding aside, I’m glad there’s a replay of the video for us who can’t make it due to time zone differences.


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