I plopped down on the couch tonight (after a long, fun Labor Day), and wanted to shoot you a quick email before I turn in.

Check it out, I’m doing a free live online training event this Thursday night.

The topic?


Your ability to effectively wield a microphone is probably one of the biggest factors in how good your recordings (and mixes) sound.

I’ve talked a lot about GIRATS (getting it right at the source) in the past, and this Thursday night I’ll be offering some really good, nitty-gritty training that you can use in your next session to get better recordings.

Come hang out, ask questions, and take another step towards making better recordings.

Limited “seats” available, so register here, and show up early:


Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner

  • ali gator

    but joe there is no link to the replay!!!

    • But check out the other posts! (And if you’re on my mailing list you should’ve gotten links.)

      • ali gator

        thank you. I sub to your youtube channel. Saw the link to show but there was no way to see the link to the replay on Youtube.

        thank you, enjoy your work very much!