In this episode of Presonus Live, I demonstrate how it IS possible to get a decent mix of a full-band song in just one hour. Lots to learn here. Enjoy!

4 Responses to “How to Mix a Song in One Hour [Video]”

  1. Mike

    oops, I forgot my comment on the electric guitar work. That is the only one thing that I found is a real pity. The beautiful upward gliding from chord to chord gets a bit drowned in the mix. I found it so nice when you soloed the guitars that I would have loved to hear a bit more of it in the entire mix.
    Matter of taste I know.
    From now on, whenever I hear the podcast intro, the song will be on my mind

    • Joe Gilder

      Definitely, Mike. In 2 weeks I’m doing another Presonus live where I’m gonna focus on EQ-ing the guitars to get ’em to sit together in the mix better.

  2. Mike

    What do you think? And my answer to this question is: Beautiful song, awsome singing of both, the lead and the choir, wonderful guitar work, specially the glides (I will comment on that afterwards)
    And, what you did with the raw material in just one hour is mindblowing. And I do not say it very often, but here it fits, that you are gifted by God with a lot of talent. (the last one I told it to was Doyle Lawson´s dobro player and his answer was soo good: I thank God every day for it.) So you have reason to really be thankful as much as we are thankful that you are sharing so much of your talent and knowledge with us. It is so good to know you, though it is only through bits and bytes through the internet, but I have been touched by the song, that I feel like telling you!. Esp, when it is reaching the climax where the choir is joining in,. O was getting goose bumps. Unbelievable, that you folks have been recorded in a bedroom.
    Encouraging for everyone who is limited by space and pric.

    Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you, Joe



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