As you probably know, I’ve been selling my latest album Out of Indiana over at for the last 3 weeks.

Well, today is the official release date! You may now purchase the album at any of the following stores:

However, you’ll get a better deal if you buy it directly from my website. A few reasons:

  • Better quality mp3 files (320 kbps vs 160 or 192)
  • Chord chart of all songs (included with mp3 download)
  • Free download of the CD Release Concert recording (which will take place this weekend)
  • Additional bundles…click here to see them all.

Otherwise, do whatever is most convenient for you. And enjoy! I’m very proud of this album.

3 Responses to ““Out of Indiana” – Official Release Date”

  1. Al

    First off congrats for the new album.
    Joe, when I read “…Better quality mp3 files (320 kbps vs 160 or 192)” , it reminded me of an article(research I’d say), regarding the mp3 quality comparison.
    So, I did a little search and found it.
    here it is:

    Any ideas on his conclusions?

  2. christopher [chrisw92]

    I was just going to get an iTunes card and buy them because I don’t have/want a paypal account… but I will miss out on goodies… decisions, decisions.


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