While releasing my album yesterday was exciting, today I’m even MORE excited to share a really great interview with you.

Drew Cyphers of The Outlier Studio agreed to sit down and talk with me about his remix of “Better This Way,” which was the winner of the remix contest and is featured as song #14 on my album.

Drew did a killer job on the remix. As it turns out, he does a killer interview too!

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The power of deadlines (and how they really do work)
  • How it’s possible to make great music with ancient software
  • A great free tool for creating really cool vocal effects [UPDATE: This tool is no longer free. Sorry for the misinformation!]
  • How to make your mixes have impact (i.e. how to punch me in the face with your mix)
  • One of the most important keys to achieving great things in your home studio (this one is subtle, I hope you catch it)

Check out Drew’s website (with pics of his home studio) here:

(Also, here’s the link to the free percussion samples I mentioned on the episode.)

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  • Joe

    Brilliant interview and remix !

    And please please pleeeeaaaase do a tutorial how to get that filtered drum sound that Drew got out of your 4 to the floor drums on the right channel. For years I’ve been curious how it works (Filter & delay I guess ?) but could never quite find out

    Joe from Cologne, Germany

    • Hi, Joe! I got the filtered drum sound by running it through an overdrive plugin (Waves’ emulation of Ibanez Tube Screamer). From there, I did a low cut up to around 250 hz to get rid of some of the low end information. Next, I compressed HARD with high ratio and fast attack/fast release to accentuate the sustain of the drums. No delay on this one, but I have used a stereo delay on similar filtered drum loops with really good results! Hope that answers your question!

      • Ooo…compression AFTER distortion. Nice.

  • Godawg1023

    Great interview. I absolutely LOVE this remix. EDM / remix is not my usual thing but this absolutely rocks!

  • Greg Lynes

    Well I went to the Sound Toys web site to get the free Little Alterboys plugin and it has already ended. Maybe a quick check into whether something you advertise as free is still available before you send out to your mailing list would be in order in the future? Otherwise a great interview.

    • Sorry Greg. Not an advertisement. He said they gave it away for free, which was apparently true when he got his copy. Still a really useful tool to know about.

      • Greg Lynes

        No problem – but we all have our ears and eyes perk up when the word free is mentioned. Lol

    • But you’re right I did say “free” tool and should have checked. Sorry!