Welcome to another podcast!! I didn’t get one up this week, due to some crazy misfortunes in my studio (I explain in the podcast.)

This podcast features two of my family members, my dad and my baby nephew. 🙂

Topics on this podcast:


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  • Jerry Mateo

    i always love returning to these and listening just for a refresher the vocals are great by the way i tried it for the first time a about a week ago

  • christopher [chrisw92]

    nice advice, I think I will leave getting a dedicated preamp just now though.

    also that plugin is really great for someone like me who doesn’t have a mono button/switch… although its a bit big (can you resize plugins in logic pro to make them smaller, anyone?)

    anyway keep you the great work joe!

    p.s. I think that post about backing up jinxed you.

    • Ha! You’re probably right. 🙂

    • I don’t think you can resize it, but I normally leave it open on my 2nd monitor, so it’s always there…staring at me.

  • Kevin Hilman

    Great podcast Joe. Thanks for the tip on the TT Dynamic Range Meter. I had also been wondering about a good way to check my mixes in mono.
    BTW…you nephew’s babbling sounds cute! You’re going to love being a dad when your little one comes.