Do you get a little confused as to what order to place your plugins on a track? This video should help.


4 Responses to “Plugin Order [Video]”

  1. Chris Winter

    I always knew about the signal chain as I just figured that it would be like analogue mixers but its a surprise how many of my audio friends didn’t know this.

  2. David S.

    How do you get your send volume control to appear in your sends like that? Mine is a button and when I click on it a pop-up volume display appears showing my Send volume.

    • Julian

      View menu —> Sends A-E (or F-J etc) —> tick “Send X (A, B, etc — by default “Assignments” is selected). Do this and you the view for that send shows the send fader. And remember to check the “pre” option if you need it to be a Pre-Fade send. I always forget to do that…


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