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6 Responses to “Presonus Eureka Review, 31DBR, and more [Podcast]”

  1. Christopher w

    ooh, new intro. Its been that long? it seems as if it was only last month I was listening to your last show.

    I never have recorded a guitar direct, I just don’t think it gives good results… an almost “too perfect” sound, even if its just through a little practice amp I recommend to mic it instead of going direct. Bass guitars on the other hand is a whole different story.

  2. Cush

    Didn’t hear any crying on that one, Joe. haha.

    As far as Line 6 and other emulating products goes, What I’ve started doing is recording through an actual amp, and splitting it into a DI and then blending the tones. Lots of possiblities with this.

  3. Al

    Very informative podcast. Thanx Joe!

    Regarding to how to get realistic guitar recordings from Line 6 Pod products, I’ve been using Line6 products for many years. My opinion is preferably record the clean signal and then Re-amp it through your favorite Line6 piece(s), this way you also have another option to add any effect or amp beside your Line6.
    my suggestion is to use a Boss digital delay pedal(dd3, dd5 …)for any delay you may need, they sound amazing.
    Hope this helps.

    • Wayne Johnson

      Regarding direct recording this is what I almost always do. I run through a Bellari RP220 Stereo tube preampinto my M-Audio 1814. I record direct onto track in Sonar and into aux in pro tools sent to mono audio tracks 2. I use an output on the 1814 into a guitar amp return for an effects loop. Record the guitar with a mic. I have line 6 tone port gold, or I use Amplitube 3 back into the effects loop. Doing it like this gives you all kinds of possibilities. I have all my inputs set up through a patchbay. It is only a matter of a few easy patches. Like Joe this is also the lazy way to do but you can mix and match and get a huge guitar sound.


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