Today I’ve got a quick video for you where I share four or five little plug-in tricks. These are all things I use all the time, and I thought it would be a shame for you not to know about them. Enjoy!

If you’re looking for more in-depth Pro Tools training, check out Understanding Pro Tools.

Got any plugin tips for us? Leave a comment!!

  • Hi, thanks for commenting! Your question is pretty vague, so I really don’t have an answer for you, but check out all the articles here on Home Studio Corner. There’s a lot of advice that should help you.

  • Chris Barnard

    I was going to ask whether it’s possible to bypass all effects in PT and toggle between all effects in and out – I haven’t been able to find a way.

    • If you hold down Alt AND Cmd and click on a plug-in, it will disable all plugins in that “row.” In other words, if you Alt-Cmd-click on the first plugin on a track, it will bypass the first plugin on EVERY track. You’ll have to click on each row to bypass ALL plugins. That’s the best way I know of.

      • Chris Barnard

        Thanks Joe…

  • And we have enviroment, where we can program let’s say an all plugin bypass button via MIDI:)

  • Logic knows some of these tricks too. One click bypass is Option+Click, move and drag plugin is Cmd+Drag, copy is Cmd+Option+Drag, deactivate and the shift opening and stays, so that’s what I don’t know about.
    Just info for Logic users. And we have a keyboard shortcut, tu quickly disappear all plugin windows or display again, and its configurable! And have a list of choices in plugin window to choose which channel strip plugins want to see, on that nth position of the channel strip.
    Just some useful info for Logic guys out there.

  • christopher [chrisw92]

    for you logic users (like me):

    Its alt and click instead of cmd and click for bypassing plugins.

    the copy and paste settings are similar but its actually more simple as logic displays copy and paste buttons. but logic cannot drag copy, I think (although if you hold the cmd key you can drag to move the plugin).

    the inactive thing I don’t know how to do in logic, I’m not sure its even possible unfortunately.

    Logic already does the last tip by default so no need to learn something new there.

    • Cmd+Alt is the copy drag:)

      • christopher [chrisw92]

        cool, thanks.