Here’s a list of my favorite Pro Tools posts here on HSC. Enjoy!


12 Home Studio Necessities #2 – DAW/Recording Software
Why I Use Pro Tools
Ask Joe #4 – Pro Tools Questions
Do I Need Pro Tools Certification?
Mbox2 Pro or 003?
Using the Stock Digi Plug-ins


How to Make Your Hard Drive an Audio Record Volume in Pro Tools
Productivity Part 1 – Label Your I/O
Productivity Part 2 – Using Session Templates
Inserts and Sends in Pro Tools
How to Create a Click Track in Pro Tools
Using the 4 Edit Modes in Pro Tools
Solo Safe in Pro Tools
Pro Tools Track Types Part 1
Pro Tools Track Types Part 2 – The Master Fader
4 Ways to Use Playlists in Pro Tools
Using Groups in Pro Tools (or any DAW)
Inserting Time in Pro Tools
File Management in Pro Tools: Using Save Copy In to Shrink Your Sessions
Using QuickPunch in Pro Tools
Importing Session Data
Printing Effects and Instruments in Pro Tools
Session File Management in Pro Tools

5 Responses to “Pro Tools Resources”

  1. Ernie

    Hey Joe,

    Thanks for the very informative videos. I’m just starting with PT 8.0 LE. I know this will save me alot of time. As I get into PT I’ll have some Q’s…thanks for being there.


  2. TOMMY

    Sure enough JOE; Your latest video compilation is a MUST for any serious PRO TOOLS user or any recording enthusiast by all means. So much knowledge packed in there I feel I have the video encyclopedia at my disposal. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and making it affordable for just about anyone. I learned alot from your course but this just opened up my doors and the detail is amazing for all levels. The way you teach draws the student into a “wanting to learn more” mode as I and others see it. Keep it up.

  3. Cody

    Thanks Joe, just from a quick browsing of this list, I can tell that I’m going to learn something useful from each link. I’m basically still just getting started in Pro Tools, so when I see something like this I get all excited because I know that I’m going to be able to use it all.

    Thanks for the info. Also, I just watched the two part video tour of your studio. Great stuff. I do love seeing other people’s set ups.

    • Joe Gilder

      Thanks Cody! If you can make it to the webinar tomorrow night, I’ll be talking about Pro Tools, and you’ll be able to buy my latest video series. Thanks for commenting!


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