I have a real treat for you this week.

Remember Ben Gortmaker? I interviewed him about his fantastic album All’s Lost, All’s Found a few years ago.

This week Ben is back to talk about the ever-important topic of PRODUCTION.

As home studio owner’s, we’re pretty good about wearing the musician hat and the engineer hat, but what about the producer hat? Methinks it gets neglected. And that can mean disaster for your music.

In this episode, Ben shares valuable insights into topics like:

  • Songwriting (how a simple shift in your songwriting approach can help you make better recordings and mixes later)
  • Recording with what you have (proof that you don’t need to own a dozen microphones to make good recordings)
  • How to juggle the different hats you wear in the studio (and how you must embrace your inability to do them all at the same time)
  • How to uncover an unending supply of production ideas (that you can “steal” for your own music)
  • The single most important part of the entire production process (skip this at your own risk)

Plus a ho’ bunch mo’.

Listen now, and before you finish, leave a comment below, letting us know if we hit a nerve, if this is a topic you want to learn more about in the future.

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18 Responses to “Wearing the Producer Hat: Special Interview with Ben Gortmaker”

  1. Casper Bjerkehagen


    Really inspiring and this is certainly the third leg to the stool in music

  2. Michael

    great perspective and concepts. I do enjoy and need this type of overview approach. I vote for more of this.

    • Joe Gilder

      Ha! You’re right. I’ve come a looooooong way. Isn’t that what’s so fun about music? The music I’m releasing next month is world’s better than the stuff I did in 2010 and even 2013, and it doesn’t belittle those other works, but it adds another piece to the ongoing puzzle of making music. Ah..warm fuzzies…

  3. Nic

    Great interview. I would love to see more production content on HSC! Thanks for everything you do Joe!

  4. Ben N.

    Hey Joe,

    Production is what got me into making and recording music. I love the construction process of a song. I highly support any further production content you create. Thanks for the podcast.

  5. Gabe

    One of your best! I love listening to your guest. I am familiar with you, and get a lot out of the different perspective. It changes your thought process, and it’s easy for me to follow the guest’s ideas when it’s put into context of your library of previous topics. I think production is the most important topic in music because it covers everything from writing to groove to passion to mixing and mastering. I love the debate over objectivity, and the unlimited (and profoundly confined) ways to get your ideas to the listener.

  6. Andrew Morgan

    Joe Thanks So Much! Its hard to find anything on the art of production these days! Look forward to more on this topic!

  7. Demetrios Leiloglou

    Thanks Joe and Ben, I would definitely love to hear more about production. I struggle in this area a lot. Quick question, do you guys ever record different versions of the same song? For example: a simple, stripped down version and a fully produced version. If you do, do you feel it’s useful for fleshing out what works best or do you commit from the beginning to go in a certain direction? Thanks again guys!


    • Joe Gilder

      Hmmm……good question. I’ve never done it that way, other than recording straight-up acoustic versions of full-band songs. Or maybe I’ll do a live acoustic set with a couple musicians. I like the idea of two completely different fully produced versions though. Would be fun.

  8. Alex

    The discussion was great, I would like to hear more like this. Especially, I liked the concept of referencing not as palgiarism but getting the vibe, inspiration from the reference track. I completely agree with that.

  9. Shay

    Hi, really enjoyed the podcast!, I’m especially thinking at the moment about the overall tone/blend and balance of sounds that go into a song production. Some more podcast’s in this area would be great to hear!. I Find myself constantly listening to different songs and analysing the things you talked about, it’s good to know Im moving in the right direction. Cheers

  10. Patricio

    Yes! This topic is specially intrieguing to me, specially hearing what other people’s views are and how they go about producing an album…not to mention, promoting it, etc…thanks for the special treat, hope more are on the way =D

  11. Keith

    Thanks guys great pod cast…as I listened I kept saying I do that… Good to know I am headed in the right direction. Thanks for the confidence booster.


  12. seth

    yes please, more producer stuff with more specifics! musical examples of problems and solutions maybe? thkx


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