• Brian Theoret

    GREAT Idea Joe. I could hear the massive difference even on my little dinky computer speakers. The change pulled everything together, literally and figuratively. Great move. I’m going to start playing around with this on my drum bus that sometimes sounds a bit too wide at times. I hate going track by track and adjusting little things like this. Simple solution to a problem that I would assume is quite common. Thanks as ALWAYS Joe!

  • Khaled Elsayed

    Damn!!!….So many automation moves shall be saved with this one……. and it was under my nose the entire time. I use “Stereo Imaging” plug-ins all the time, just never for the basic panning of my bus components. Love the idea!
    Cheers Joe!

    • And I love the idea of automating it to go from narrower to wider in sections. That’s brilliant!

      • Khaled Elsayed

        ..well it was a brilliant idea after all……I just applied it, or I should say. Shall apply it to my workflow!!
        Props be to You!

  • David

    very nice

  • Sae Oh

    Good tip. Does Ableton Live have a stock plugin like this?

    • Lee

      Yeah, “utility” will chance the stereo width

  • Nice one, Joe! Sometimes the easiest solutions are really the best 🙂