As most of you know, I moved this past weekend. So I’ve been living in the land of boxes for a while.

I was slowly piecing my studio together today. Things were rocking along, I had mostly everything hooked up. I was playing music at a ridiculously loud volume.

Life was good.

Then I tried to connect my Macbook to my new iMac to transfer over some files via firewire.


Nothing. The iMac wouldn’t see the Macbook (in target mode). I tried resetting the PRAM and NVRAM, but nothing changed. I tried it with another firewire hard drive. No dice.

The iMac only has firewire 800, and all my gear is firewire 400, so I had purchased a firewire 400 to 800 converter cable with the iMac. I had hoped it was just the cable that was bad, so I borrowed a cable from a buddy, and…

…still nothing. That means something’s wrong with the iMac. I packed her up and took her over to an authorized Apple repair facility. Hopefully they’ll fix her and we will be together again.

That’s a long intro to a simple tip:


Had I thrown away my original iMac box, I would’ve had to toss it in the back seat and leave it with the technician with no protection. However, I still have the original box (with all the original foam pieces), so I was able to safely transport the iMac…worry-free.

It may seem like a small thing, but sometimes gear dies and needs to be sent off for repair. It’s an unpleasant situation, but not having the boxes will make it even MORE unpleasant.

A few house-keeping items:

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  • Be on the look out for an announcement tomorrow. That is all. 😉
  • Stromer

    In some scenarios, working at a place where boxes are made can be a plus.

  • Sam K

    I’ve always done this, but the downside is that you need to spring clean your box collection every now and again.

    Boxes take up a lot of space and on the rare occasions when I take my stack of boxes apart (yes they are packed inside each other as much as possible) I ALWAYS find boxes for gear I don’t have any more for various reasons. (It died or I sold it or gave it away and forgot about the box, etc, etc)

  • Trent

    One good trick for mac users (first thing I always do when troubleshooting) is to shut down > right after you hit the power button > hold down command, option, P and R > it will restart twice then let go of keys. This has fixed every issue I’ve ever had with my MBPro.

  • I saw where Apple dropped the FW 400 connection. My Imac was the last generation to have both 400 and 800. Bummer. When you get it up and running let us know what you think. The only issue with mine is the wireless card drops out often. I’m going to try to drop mine off in a few weeks when I’m away playing a youth camp. Glad I kept my box! Good luck Joe.

    • I wasn’t too concerned about them dropping FW400…as long as the converter cables keep everything compatible. 🙂

  • Joe Rawls

    Agreed….. Not only is it a good idea to send back for repair, but even if you plan to sell your gear.