• Chris

    Would love to know what kind of lighting set up you got. I’ve been trying to figure out the best lighting solution for my drum videos and as much as I want a soft box kit, they take up a lot of room. Thanks!

  • David Young

    Great show tonight Joe. Looking forward to hearing both the album and the acoustic show tonight again! Also….totally stoked that you play disc golf!

    • Hahahaha. Haven’t played in a loooooooong time. My one putter flew over the fence into the neighbors yard a month ago and I still haven’t asked for it back. #facepalm

  • Chris Brown

    Some people relate to audio, while others relate more to video, and yet others relate more to their feelings. it’s easy to determine. Some say ” I SEE what you mean”, or “I HEARD that!”
    Or, “I’m not FEELIN’ it that way.” I like the way you make a point by covering all the bases. I am unable to watch the concert at 8:00 tonight because I have to work. It was a last minute call to fill in for someone and as much as i could use the money, I actually hesitated to agree because I was looking forward to watching! My wife
    seems happy tho’, so it goes…Keep up the excellent work!

    • Thanks so much, Chris. Appreciate you.