As of this past weekend, is one month old. I’m starting to get a feel for what readers are wanting, but I want to hear it straight from you. 

Please take a second to answer the following questions. It will help me keep this site on task with articles, videos, etc. that are relevant and helpful to your situation.


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Thank you so much for participating in this poll! Your input is much appreciated. If you would like to expand on your answers, please do so in the comments section below.

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8 Responses to “Reader Poll – What do you think?”

  1. Skip Williams

    More on the recording process from puttting together a production plan to how to pull it off, esp in ProTools.

  2. Juan Miguel

    Well, congrats! You can always have more videos, tips, and the like, but the reason I like this site and keep coming back is not those articles. I find especially heart-warming all the “other stuff” that lurks a little in the background of articles like music vs. tschnology and the one on organizing one’s time at the studio: those moments when I can read about someone feeling as I do, stumbling into the same issues, and having to work out the difficulties involved with music making that don’t relate to gear or technique, but to our own lives. Those hints make me want to come back… Not to get advice on making a schedule, I know how to set one up, but to feel a little less alone in needing to do it, and failing to do it many times, despite my resolve.

    I guess too often we try to present ourselves as “flawless” and “objective” to our readers/listeners/students, and I never understood why that is. Sorry about the cathartic moment! 🙂 Hopefully when you accomodate requests from readers you won’t loose track of this, in the middle of all the how-to’s, videos and reviews. 😉

    In any case, I am subscribed via RSS from day one (well, I guess it was day five or so, but who cares!)

    Congratulations again on your fine work.

    • Joe Gilder

      Thanks for the kind words, Juan. I’m really glad you like the more “thoughtful” articles. I’ll make it a point to keep those coming, along with the How-To’s and videos, etc.

  3. Scott

    Congrats on making it a month. Thank you for helping some of us beginner/intermediate types with some things we may not have known.

    The only make one request. Alot of your tutorials seems aimed more towards protools users. I myself am I logic/garageband user. Add some cool Logic or Garageband tips in too.


    • Joe Gilder

      Hey Scott. Thanks for the suggestion. While I do own Logic, I’m a bit hesitant to jump in to information on both Pro Tools AND Logic AND GarageBand. The main reason I haven’t is because I use sessions I’m currently working on to do the videos, and I’m not working on any sessions in Logic right now. Perhaps that will change. I’ll certainly take it into consideration. Thanks!

  4. Ismael

    Congratulations Joe for the first month of your web page. As a beginner myself,your articles,videos and comments have been a great source of information. I look forward to reading new good stuff on recording by you. Daily posting is excellent but, I realize this could be quite a challenge for you…keep it up!


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