Here is the recording of the latest Presonus Live streaming training I did for my good friends over at Presonus.

(Training session starts at around 5:15, by the way.)

6 Responses to “Recording and Comping Vocals in Studio One [Video]”

  1. Jonny Lipsham

    Uuuuuuuuber helpful video, Joe. So great to see a) how you work in your very lovely studio, and b) your approach to recording vocals. Man, I wish I could afford a nice ADL700! As we say here, “Och, well!”

    I’ve been a Steinberg user for….well….since the days of Pro24 and the Atari ST! But, since seeing your videos in Studio One, and certainly seeing how much easier vox recording in particular is, I am DEFINITELY switching to Studio One!

    Love the song. Nice and gritty. Fabulous lyrics, almost like fragment narrative technique in the verse. Very much looking forward to the final product, so I can buy it!

  2. John Karen

    lmao! “we’re not out of the woods yet”, ” that was” I was parked, windows down, waiting for my wife to get off the train, I had my iphone plugged into the car jack and was listening through the speakers. When this part came up and you said ” that was bad” I literally laughed out loud so hard ppl walking by turned around to look at me. that was hilarious! Great video Joe! Can’t wait to implement these tips! keep up the good work!

  3. mike

    Joe, this is a great way to teach us how to do specific work and the use of our basic equipment. Do more just like this. The A/B method for numerous PlugIns and how tweaking a button affects the results good or bad is useful. Just do A to Z, the more variations the better. How about taking current or classic songs of various genres and show how to duplicate the sound at home.


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