You love EZDrummer, but you want to record each drum part to its own track, right? Well, you can. Here’s how!

  • Danny Leftridge

    How can I split my drums from ez drummer in GarageBand? Is this even possible?

    • I doubt it’s possible in GarageBand.

  • Crankcase

    What happened to the video???

  • Terry Phenicie

    Something happened to me in Cubase 8 when I set the multichannel in EZ Drummer, then set activate all outputs in Cubase 8, the multi channel drums expand in cubase as normal. however ai am unable to control each mic placement in cubase in the inspector. I have to go to the eq section to control anything, only the bass drum EZ 01 is being changed when I try to control other mic placements such as high hat or ambience. What did I click ???

    • Hmmm…I’m sorry you’re having issues, Terry. Sounds like something you might want to call Toontrack technical support about. Not ringing any bells for me. Sorry!

  • Brian

    How do you do this on EZdrummer 2?

  • JCiway

    Just started the whole recording experience and have found your videos extremely helpful! However I just started using EZ drummer and can only hear the snare and there is a huge lag issue, even when I copy the entire groove I only hear the snare. One issue I am encountering is that your Z drummer has 268MB and mine is currently showing 1MB, would that be an issue related…sorry such a newbie to this mainly a player not a engineer at all.

    • I’m sorry, this sounds like a tech support issue. I would contact the manufacturer.

  • Danielpike33

    I think I already know the answer to this question. If I record at home and want to take my stuff to a professional studio will ezdrummer tracks transfer? I’m thinking no, but wishful thinking prompts me to ask. Thanks

    • You just need to do what I showed i this video and actually record all the drum parts to audio tracks. That’s the only way to guarantee that things will transfer, since you never know what plugins the studio has installed on their system.

  • HillelKAPS

    Hey Joe sorry for leaving a comment on such an old post but this one had been quite helpful. I’m just curious, I see in this video you put the output to a number of mono audio tracks. Would you normally suggest doing it that way? Or doing it on separate stereo tracks?


    • You don’t need stereo tracks unless they’re stereo instruments. A single mic on a snare drum is, by definition, a mono signal. Stereo would be a waste.

  • Brian

    Thanks for this video Joe. I’ve been a PT user since v6.4 and I was always put off by doing drums in Pro Tools because I was having to create aux channels for each output and then bussing them to audio tracks to record. Did this method always exist in PT or did they change something in the routing along the way? I knew you could monitor through audio tracks but I didn’t think you could record directly on them.

    Either way it’s a huge time saver and my sessions are much less cluttered now. I also use Logic but something is buggy with the routing and the kick always ends up mixed in with the snare somehow.

    • Glad I could help. The kick/snare thing probably is just you’ve mis-routed something.

  • Hey, I got the answer through my presonus forum so nevermind : )

    here’s the link to the answer if interested…

  • Joe, I had a question I thought I’d bounce off of you… i realize it gets real specific regarding ez drummer and Studio One but thought you might have an idea as it rolls out of what you did in this video above…

    I sent 7 different ez drummer parts (i.e. kick, snare, snare bottom, hi hat, etc) from the ez drummer mixer user interface to 7 separate channels in the S1(v2) console. However the parts all appear as one track in the Arrangement view.

    Got my separate ez drummer channels all processed with FX (via inserts to the different ez drummer part channels in the mix console) and mixed to my satisfaction. Now would like to Transform those effects into the single track instance of EZ Drummer up in the Arrangement view. I go to Transform but the window that comes up only gives me these options…

    __ Render Inserts
    __ Preserve Instrument Track State (pre-checked by default)
    __ Remove Instrument (pre-checked by default)

    Then “Tail” — 0 seconds
    Then “Channel” – and it allows me to select any ONE of the channels, (i.e. kick, snare, snare bottom, high hat, etc..)

    So if I select one and render it of course it only renders the single channel. Then it won’t let me repeat the process for the other channels.

    Or will those inserts that I stuck in each channel for effects on the mix console even render as they’re not up in the arrange view?


    As always, thanks for your help.

    • Sorry, Kevin. I have no idea. 🙂

      • Yeah, I realized that was pretty DAW specific. Thankful for presonus forum on that kind of stuff.

  • Thanks Joe. I was trying to figure out how to get control of EZ drummer track by track and you’ve explained it perfect… i just have to do it in studio One…


  • I still working with my pro tool mp 9 i see in plug in my easyplayer drum not the ezdrummer there using the same software .. i build them in easy play and then would love to multi track them on pro tool i not figure out how to get them to record yet ethier .. any help thanks

    • Sounds like a call to tech support might be in order. Sorry. I don’t do tech support.

  • This was a very helpful post and commentary on EZ Drummer. Just starting to use it and need to have these questions answered by people that have already used the program.

  • Josh Briggs

    Hi, Great video!
    Any idea if this works in Sony ACID 7?

    • Hey Josh, I would assume so, but I have no idea. It’s worth a try.

  • Thanx for clearing this out! It seems that ProTools has the ability to “automatically” use the EZdrummer’s outputs as buses, but I cannot seem to find that kind of option in Cubase 5. I have to load EZ as a VST instrument, switch on the multiple outputs, and than Cubase creates tracks for every output, BUT they aren’t recordable…or at least I cannot seem to figure out how to record audio in those tracks. So the only solution I came up with is to switch on the sends for those tracks and route them through FX outputs of my audio hardware and then create new tracks again. It would certainly be much more convenient to have the option like in ProTools, and not to use up all the outputs in my hardware and again to have to create bunch of tracks for recording. Maybe someone figured out something I did not?

    • ben

      you can’t choose individual midi chanels as inputs on audio chanels in cubase5. this had me frustrated too. what i did, and i dont know if this is the only way but it works, is to export an audio mixdown. select chanel batch export, make sure ez 1 through 7 are checked, pick your format, and under import into project check the audio track and pool boxes, click export and viola, now you have the 7 ezdrum tracks as audio tracks as well. close ez in the vst window and youre left with just the 7 audio chanel drum tracks. …

  • Steve Hebert

    A friend just showed me this tip about a week ago and just setting up the drums into individual channels made them sound better. Of course it allowed me to add compression on the kick and snare seperately. All drums are then routed back into a single buss and compressed again and sonically glued together.

  • Bit late to the party – how necessary is it to render the midi to audio. Do you leave it until the last minute? Or make a decision on the midi parts fairly early on? I don’t think midi timing drift is as much as a problem as it used to be? It is possible to leave the midi as midi right to the end…So what’s the best approach…?

    • I render the audio whenever I’m done with the MIDI. Leaving everything until the last minute leads to taking FOREVER to finish anything. You’ve got to commit to things and FINISH them.

  • acefecoo

    I’m using cakewalk sonar 7 and i can’t record the channels. I can only listen to them. Why?

    • Sorry. I really don’t know.

    • Augusto Correia

      In Sonar I didn´t find a way to set the record button either but I managed to get it recorded. On your output tracks use your mouse right click and select “Freeze”. This gets all the sounds from your synth (EzDrummer in this case) and record it down to tracks.

      • Joey RAnsier

        i used to use ez drummer. what i would end up doing to record all of the individual tracks would be to solo each one in the drummer view mix thing and bounce it to an audio track… it takes a while and there MUST be a better way to do it, but that will work.

  • AlSom

    Hey there Joe! This is my first post on your blog, and first of all I have to say greetings from Greece! Also, I would like to inform you that it is a very helpful site!

    Now I would like to ask you whether it is possible to do the same thing on Cubase SX3 with BFD or not! I tried reading the manual of both software but I can’t seem to find any info available – or the info is there and I simply don’t understand it 🙂

    Anyway, I would be grateful to read your reply whenever you get the time to answer or perhaps another video for Cubase !?

    Thanks a lot in advance and keep up the good work!

    • I think it will work, but I own neither Cubase nor BFD, so unfortunately I can’t say for sure. Sorry!

      • AlSom

        OK.. I guess I will have to search more! Thanks a lot though for your answer!

  • Spencer

    I misspoke on that. It’s on the inputs where the 3+4, etc are. You are correct. LOL.

    I still get the 3+4, 5+6, etc as my first out. But I think I have a workaround. I inserted new Instrument track and loaded EZ. I then created 7 Stereo AUX tracks and I seem to be tracking. Not sure if I just went about doing it the wrong way, but it seems to work.

    If I go about doing it with AUDIO tracks, I go from 3+4 thru 15+16, for a total of 7 tracks I can add.

    Appreciate all your help on this!

  • Spencer

    Tried following the steps tonight and failed! LOL. I am sure it’s something on my end that I am screwing up, but here is what I did. Keep in mind I am using PT 7.4 on XP, so it’s a bit different that PT8.

    I created a new instrument track and inserted EZDrummer. Loaded it up and created a pattern. For ease, I slid in a measure and repeated it 10 times just to have something to work with. Also included a couple of fills just to have toms and cymbals. I then went into the mixer and click multiple tracks like in the video, and renamed each on channels 2-8. All was good so far.

    It “appears” in the video you then inserted AUDIO tracks, so I created 8 audio tracks, but when I went over to outputs…there was nothing referencing any ezdrummer tracks.

    However…..I deleted those and inserted 8 INSTRUMENT stereo tracks and there the outputs showed up. But they didn’t show up as listed in the video. They show up as 3+4, 5+6, etc…I haven’t set up anything in I/O settings and I wonder if thats the problem.

    Any suggestions?

    Keep up the good work. I did pull up a guitar track and messed around with EQ tonight and amazed at what I learned. Look forward to more lessons!

    • “I created 8 audio tracks, but when I went over to outputs…there was nothing referencing any ezdrummer tracks.”

      That’s your problem, you need to check the INPUTS, not the outputs.

  • Jon

    I’m by all counts a n00b at DAW and recording. I severely lack fundamentals, and have simply dived into this new arena (DAW). Forgive me if my questions aren’t phrased correctly, I’m doing my best to get it out.

    Joe, Thanks for your tutorial, it was excellent. I’m actually running Sonar 8.5 on a PC, but the same concept applies as on your ProTools/Mac setup, in this multi-out drums situation. I was able to set up my multi-outs in EZdrummer successfully, just how you have done it in this video. My end goal is to map drums with a step sequencer (i’m covering some pre-recorded drums from my band) and have multi-outs on the kit just as you have done in your video, so that i can tweak the kick, snare, etc… My question line of questioning:

    I noticed at the 1st track named “Drums 01” contains all your midi-mapping, and those are “bussed” to the multi-out tracks?

    I don’t know how to start there (how you did with the Drums 01 track) and then move on by performing multi-outs on my kit.

    If this question is already answered somewhere in this list of responses, then i’ve overlooked it.

    I would be SO INCREDIBLY GREATFUL of any help you could give. Thanks guys for your patience.

    • Hi Jon,

      That original track is an instrument track. That’s where you need to start. Create an instrument track and program the drum part using that. You’ll either use the MIDI files included with EZDrummer, or you can simply draw in your own drum parts.

      Once the drum part is FINISHED, then it makes sense for you to use the technique in this video to split all the drum parts out to individual tracks. Make sense?

      • Jon

        Hey Joe,

        That makes absolute perfect sense, and I fully understand now. Thanks for helping me out, man. I’ve subscribed to your youtube vids. 😉

  • Chris

    Is there an easy way to do fills ? Or it is better to just to it punch in style ?

    Thank you !

    • Hey Chris. The only way I’ve been able to do realistic fills is to actually program them myself, meaning clicking in the notes and patiently “nudging” them until they sound right.

  • jimmyjam

    hey joe,i firured it out,,from your video,,ive never used midi,or ever had to bus,i just found this site and really like it ,,im gonna try to watch and learn ,,thanks im gonna check out some of your songs,,ive bout got my band together and hope to be playin soon,,if you get time check out some of my home recordings so far, glad i found your corner these are not with ez drummer but my zoom 123 box haha,,,better drum sounds soon ,,jimmy

  • jimmyjam

    im new to recording,i have pro tools 7.3 m audio i lhave ez drums and am trying to figure out how to make seperate drums it,i watched your 8.0,,im not sure how to figure out the routing in mine,,do you have a step by step for a new recorder that explains,,,thanks welcome to nashville

    • Hey Jimmy. This video is about as step-by-step as I know how to do it. You may want to call Tunetrack. (And thanks for the welcome. It’s good to be here.)

  • Craig Olson

    Hey Erickson

    I’m having the exact same problem. The only option that my ez drummer givs me is stereo output. I’ve tried most everything, except the one (probably simple) one that works. Did you figure this one out?


    • erikson Rudy

      Hey Craig.
      I still can’t figure it out. have u try to double click on the midi track (Green one) and right click choose Separate note by pitch?


  • Erikson rudy

    I still can’t figured it out.
    The only thing that I found is “Separate by Note pitch”, It will automatically add more software instrument channel.

  • Erikson – I tried in Logic, and I don’t know how to do it. I’m sorry! I bet it’s in the manual somewhere. I’m just not sure how you route the busses to the input of an audio track.

  • Hi Erikson,

    I unfortunately haven’t done this in Logic in a long time. I’ve been using Pro tools for some time. I honestly don’t know the specifics for doing it in Logic. Have you tried anything? When I have some time, I’ll see if I can fire up Logic and try it out.

  • Erikson rudy

    can you explain to me in detail?
    I’ve created new software instrument track, and add Superior drummer to the input as multi output.
    So what I need to do next in order to have it in a separated track?
    thanks a lot for your reply.

  • Erikson rudy

    can you explain to me in detail?
    I’ve created new software instrument track, and add Superior drummer to the input as multi output.
    So what I need to do next in order to have it in a separated track?
    thanks a lot for your reply.

  • Erikson rudy

    Hi, I’m using Superior drummer actually.
    Can you demonstrate how to do this in Logic pro.
    cos I can’t find the Plugin track on my input channel.

    • Hi Erikson. It’s been a while since I used it in Logic. Off the top of my head, I believe you have to choose which version you want when you open the plugin. I think it gives you the option of opening “Superior Drummer Stereo” and “Superior Drummer Multi-Output” or “8 Outputs” or something like that.

  • The reason buss 1 does not show up in PT is that it is the master bus. Just like bussing the individual kit elements in Battery, the plugin’s master buss is created on the instrument track where you instantiate the plugin in PT. Just my 2 cents. Love your tutorials.

    • Brilliant! Thanks Terrence. That makes sense.

  • Awesome walk-through!! I remember you helping me with one of my lame questions about this last month. Thanks again man. This is a great one! Look around youtube, you created the ONLY video that thoroughly and clearly explains this. Thanks a ton!