I want to say a humongous THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the “Better This Way” remix contest. I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of people who got to work and created some AWESOME remixes. Several people even commented thanking me for the opportunity.

No. Thank YOU. This has been really fun.

The Original Version

In case you didn’t know about the remix competition. I’m releasing a new album called Better This Way, and the first song on the album is the title track. Here’s what my version sounds like:

I held a contest where I released the stems from the above song for people to download and remix into an all new version of the song.

There were so many great submissions, and I personally listened to each one. Now for the winner…

Drew Cyphers – The Outlier Studio!

Congratulations to Drew Cyphers of The Outlier Studio! His remix was fantastic. The intro smacks you in the face. He used the guitar tracks from the original song, but in a very unique, different way. And that stutter “here we go” vocal is AWESOME.

Well, well done, Drew. You rocked it, dude.

As the winner of the contest, Drew’s remix will be the bonus Track #14 on the digital version of my new album Better This Way, which will be released on April 7 over at www.joegildermusic.com.

Honorable Mention

There were two other remixes I want to give a shout-out to.

First up, Jay Sachtjen’s stripped-down piano remix was absolutely beautiful and very moving:

Henry Mittnacht brought the funk with his remix. Really great groove. I DARE you not to bob your head along with the music as soon as it starts.

Thanks again to everyone for participating. Leave a comment below and congratulate the winners!!

  • Alain Sauvé

    Personaly, Jay’s version is more of the “genre” of music that I like to listen. And what a great job he did here. I must send him a big big WOW !!!

  • Lily

    So let me start off by saying that I’ve been follow your newsletters for…well forever. While I used to faithfully open them every day, I haven’t been doing so as much, but I do recommend you to my friends and I haven’t unsubscribed/put you in spam – So take that as a compliment hahahaha. Your newsletters are so full of awesomeness and I enjoy getting them. Secondly, the winner is amazing and I also really enjoy that piano version!! Any way to download either of those too? So glad to hear such a great album from a great person.

    • Thanks Lily! I’m glad you’re enjoying the awesome-filled emails. 🙂

  • Anon

    Wow I should have entered.

  • Bryce

    This is an awesome example of the wonderful creativity that God has blessed us with. I like all the versions. However I’m going to stay with the original. Mostly because I really enjoy Joe’s electric guitar 🙂 Blessings to all.

  • nachoga

    Congratulations the winner and the honorable mention.

    More than 60 remixes. Great!!!!!

    I want to thank you again Joe for encouraged and inspired me to do my first complete mix. I’m very very proud of it, so thank you.

  • Floyd Elzie Jr

    I congratulate all the winners.. !!

  • First of all: Congrats to the winner! What a cool version!!! I want to say that I´m so so so proud and fell so incredibly honoured and I want to thank Joe for this great opportunity!!! In total I haven´t spent not much more than appr. 6 hours for my version and the hardest part was choosing the right guitar for it (my Luke did the job, finally!)! Who would have thought that!

  • Howman

    Congrats Drew!! I also loved the half time chorus. Great stuff!

  • Gabriel Pierre

    congrats Drew!!!

  • Drew Cyphers

    I’m honored, Joe. Thanks so much for the kind words everyone!


    • You rock dude. Everybody else standby for a podcast interview with Drew. Gotta find out how he rocked so hard. 🙂

  • Dean

    Congrats to Drew, awesome man, and congrats to the runners up also 🙂

  • Amara

    Great remixes! Congrats to the winner and honorable mentions 🙂

  • Great job, Drew! Killer remix!! I have to admit the 1/2 time chorus was really unanticipated. I was expecting full-on dance groove. Great surprise! Great job to Jay and Henry, too!

    Joe – You really picked a winner! I would love to see a page with all the remixes that people could listen to. Just sayin’…..!

  • Ignacio Moreno

    Congratulations to the winner and the honorable mentions, you have made great approaches to this great tune! Enjoyed listening to them

  • Brian Theoret

    Phenomenal stuff! So glad you let us all be a part of this Joe.