First things first…


My Christmas present to you? More hard drive space! (The crowd cheers!)

Let me show you how to manage your files in Pro Tools. I freed up a ton of space on my hard drive. You should too (to make room for all those pretty new plug-ins you got for Christmas).

  • Hi Joe,

    When I do this I get a different message on SOME tracks. It is “Audio 2_03.wav” can not be deleted from the disk! Regions from it remain in this session. Do you want to remove it from this session?”

    Why did it get selected as unused, if it is in fact being used? If I answer yes, it disappears from the session and doesn’t seem to cause anything to drop out of my mix.

    Does it have something to do with the fact that I renamed some tracks mid-way through the recording?



  • Joe, option click the “yes” in that dialogue when deleting files. It's painful to watch you go through all those one by one. Great video though, file management, proper backups and session management in general are all topics that are extremely important and so seldom talked about.

    • Brilliant!! I could've used that tip a week ago. 😉 Thanks!