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  1. HCReis

    Yeah this is pretty cool but pay attention people ´cus if you don´t pay really close attention to what you´re doing when you´re layering (what you gain with the new layer but more importantly what you might be loosing due to phasing and stuff) you might end up with something thinner than what you started with.

    Just concentrate as much as you can on what you are trying to get out of it and maybe try it in a progressive order like, first the sub mids, then the mid mids, then the highs and then spreading the part of the sound you want to be wider around.

    I feel this huge huge subject an pretty much the main step to sound “professional” in any genre.

    PS- Keep you´re “Huge Sound” reference tracks around!


  2. clangorous

    Hey Joe this is helpful. I can see that you selected tones for the pad sounds that have good separation from the main piano tone. Seeing this makes me think that we can think this way in any mix where we have several things happening in a sing at the same time. If we think in terms of “thickness” as an alternative or compliment to “separation” it gives us another shorthand abstraction to leverage.

    I actually thought something else when I saw “layers” in your email. I was thinking of a layered process that we go through when mixing, and how each pass through the process is a layer that can add thickness if hat is the goal.

    Thanks for sharing a great tip, and the song you have there sounds awesome.

    Keep rockin!

  3. sae

    Thanks for the tip. Would you rather do pads with midi with plugin or use a real keyboard hooked up to DI?


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