• Danny

    Brilliant use of a great new feature Joe. I really dig that bass sound you got and will be doing similar from here on in. I am loving the new version. The new browser has enabled me to finally get all my instruments, plugins, loops and files shipshape and the new multi-instruments are a blast as well. Totally inspiring!! Thanks again for the tip.

  • Michael Patrick Brown

    I love it! Implemented this in a current mix of one of my original songs and found that this also works to give stereo width to the bass without the lows taking over the mix!

    I did, however, feel very confused when I read the header of your email telling me to take a knife to a “Bass” fight. Why am I fighting a freshwater fish anyway? 😛

    • Those slippery little jokers are LETHAL!


  • Dean

    wow how so you like studio 3 over all , i was thinking of upgrading to it was am unsure if i should do so or just keep learning with my current version hey let me know what you think also i have a song i want to send in for critique


    • It’s up to you. New systems take some time to learn, but this isn’t a huge enough change to slow you down too much.


    • Dean

      hey thanks for the input i have to get my stuff done by the end of the month so will wait till after to pick it up,no more gear just work on experience and mixing, i will have critique for you soon
      thanks for the time

  • Oh Mylanta! I hope Sonar is watching this! What an amazing freedom that gives you over frequencies! I see so many creative uses for that as well! Imagine sending only the mids through your reverb, or only the highs through a de-esser… Thanks for the vid Joe!

  • Jay Helmus

    Really great feature in Studio One. I wouldn’t be surprised if other DAWs follow suite. Question: would use Pro Tools users get the same result by duplicating the audio on 2 tracks, and Low passing the original, and high passing the distorted track?

    • Hey Jay. Yup, that’s exactly how you’d do it. It takes a few extra clicks to decide what frequency you want to set the HPF and LPF to, but then it’s mostly the same thing.


      • Jay Helmus

        Nice, I’m gonna try it!

  • Rob Morgan

    Hi Joe, Great video as always. I never heard of Dueling Mixes until one day when I was looking for Studio One training. I saw that Presonus was going to have a webinar by Joe Gilder. Never heard of that guy either. I signed up and watch you give the webinar. I think it was your first official Presonus outing? Anyways you mentioned Dueling Mixes. I was very excited to find out there was a place for me to go and learn and strengthen my mixing skills. I signed up for DuelingMixes.com and it was the best thing I have ever found to help me get my mixes sounding great. I have been with you guys ever since.

    I feel like Dueling Mixes is my home. If any of you reading this are on the fence about signing up, do yourself a favor and give it a shot. You will find your mixing skills getting better and better in a way faster speed then just experimenting on your own (by far). Joe Gilder and Graham Cochrane are the best in the industry at teaching you in a way that is inviting and easy to follow. See you at DuelingMixes.com. You will LOVE it!

    • Dude. I didn’t realize that’s how you found me and DM. Such a cool story. 🙂


  • Great to see you using this new feature in Studio One. I upgraded and love it! You turned me toward PreSonus Studio One and I have never looked back.

  • Nadeem Merchant

    cool technique. I guess you can do something similar in other daws by equing the send and rolling off the low end before the distortion, but it’s always neat to see what other daws are coming up with to make things easier and more interesting. keep up the good work my friend!

    • Fist bump


      • Oldblood

        Very cool idea, I love the new splitter but hadn’t thought of doing this, thanks for the tip Joe.