• Frank Arena

    Very nice setup, Joe. What are your thoughts on the Presonus FaderPort? I hear good things.

    • The FaderPort is one of those unsung heroes of the pro audio world. If you want some of the benefits of a control surface without dropping a bunch of money on a bigger control surface, the FaderPort is perfect. You can do all your automation runs on it. I use it for setting levels too, and transport control. For levels, I click on a track in the DAW, and I reach over and grab the fader and move it. Great approach for me.

  • Tom

    Hi Joe, great studio tour and great set up as well! Curious… building a ribbon microphone and wondering if you’ve had experience with the Eureka and any ribbons in your recording sessions. Specifically, does the Eureka have enough gain to get a good signal without an additional preamp like a cloudlifter or similar device. Thanks!

    • Sorry, never used a ribbon with my Eureka, but it should work really well. It has an impedance switch which allows for even more versatility/gain.

  • Conor

    Hey Joe, awesome studio- you’ve really made a great space out of that room. Does your mixer sync with studio one, like a controller? Similar to some of the digidesign stuff and Pro Tools?

    • Nope. It’s just a mixer. Operates much like an analog mixer would, except it connects via firewire cable instead of a bunch of analog cables. It’s not a control surface at all.

  • Greg Bolton

    Love the video Joe.

    Thank you for showing us that it doesn’t take a second (or third) mortgage to produce great mixes/recordings.

  • Paul

    Thanks 4 the Tour Joe!!✌️✌️✌️

  • Hey Joe, what are some of the advantages to using the central station vs. just using the studio live for monitoring? Also, what device do you use for headphone monitoring?

    • StudioLive doesn’t allow for switching between speakers, and it also doesn’t have a mono button. Those are the two main ones. Also it doesn’t have a second headphone jack.

  • Joel Fernandez

    Beautiful studio man, I love it! Hey can you marry me? hahahahaha My wife don´t think this is a funny joke, hahaha. I love how you use the space in your studio…and I love Presonus too.

  • al-andrew

    …and this video was brought to you by Presonus !
    Looking great Joe ! Always respect your work ethic !

  • Whitewolf

    Love the studio Joe. Can I come live you ? 🙂

  • John Mark Varney

    Cool studio, Joe. Love the space you have got there as well. Looks like you’re making good use of PreSonus’ range of products! One question though… Could you describe in simple terms how much “better” the Eureka and ADL preamps you have are when compared to your StudioLive preamps? Thanks much, brother.

    • Hmm…I think the best way I can say it is they feel a bit…fuller? More specifically, they have more gain available to them.

  • Perry

    Hey Joe. Love the digs! Do you ever use the 24.4.2 as your interface, rather than the Eureka and if not … why?

    • Hey Perry,

      The Eureka is a preamp/channel strip. It’s not an interface. So yes, the 24.4.2 IS my interface. My only interface.

  • MB Francis

    Very cool, love the set up, jealous of how much room you have. Are you saying that the Eureka is still your go-to pre, even with ADL700?…don’t believe it, ha. Great stuff. You should do a shoot out, maybe a vocal take through both to see the difference – i.e., here’s what a $250 channel strip (on ebay) and a $2000 channel strip sounds like. Would show people it’s not all gear.

    [FYI the Disqus comments are super wonky in Chrome – Jordan’s comment appears for 10 seconds then disappears. When it’s visible, there’s no indication that I can leave a comment. Then the Disqus interface appears but it’s so faintly grey I can’t tell if I’m supposed to interact with it or not.]

    • Sorry about the comment weirdness. We’re looking into it today.

      No, I’m not saying the Eureka is my go-to over the ADL. I just didn’t own the ADL when I recorded my last album. 🙂

  • Jordan

    There are several things I love about this video… One of them, is of course the awesome studio. Another, is the bit about the air conditioning, “we make it work”. I love that. See everyone, you don’t need to be in some insane soundproof dungeon to record anything. This is PRO we’re talking here in a less than ideal environment.

    And then the outboard gear, but not because it’s outboard gear, but because I dont see a single piece of gear I recognize, aside from the Eleven. No 1176’s, LA-2A’s, Manley Stanley Massive Passive EQ’s… Meaning you’re not buying into the hype of most internet engineers, and you’re getting good gear that is still usable, and sounds great, but isnt some ‘vintage boutique’ item. That’s awesome.

    • Thanks Jordan.

      It’s funny. When we moved into this house, I was convinced the AC unit was going to be a major “deal-breaker” for the studio. I was sure I would have to build a “room within a room” and invest a bunch of money to get isolation, etc.
      It turns out it just doesn’t really matter. The night after I shot this video, I tracked a female vocalist, 6 feet away from that window. 🙂