My “Secret Weapon” for Full Mixes

Here’s some advice you may not want to hear.

You may nod your head in agreement as you read it, but when it comes to working in the studio, it may be obvious that you’re not completely on board.

(And I’m no exception. I have to constantly remind myself as well.)

Ready? Here it is:

The key to a full mix lies in the RECORDING phase, not in the MIXING phase.

Let me flesh that out a bit. (more…)

“How deep rabbit hole goes…”

Saw a clip from “The Matrix” the other day.

Remember that part where Neo meets Morpheus for the first time?

Neo wants answers. He wants the truth.

Morpheus offers him two pills — a blue one and a red one.

One pill allows him to go on in “blissful” ignorance.

The other will reveal the truth about his reality…what the the Matrix is.

Neo has an epic choice — to ignore reality (because it might be too difficult to face) or to dive headlong into the truth. (more…)

Low-Watt Amps: Great for Home Recording? [Video]

Hidey ho.

I’ve been a little light on the emails/articles this week. If you must know, I’ve been taking a little break, getting ready for tonight’s recording guitar webinar, and doing some reading. ­čÖé

BUT…I do have a quick video for you today.

It has to do with recording a loud guitar amp in the recording studio. Are low wattage amps capable of good-sounding recordings? Even at 1/4 Watt?

Let’s find out. I do a quick little shoot-out for you. Listen and decide for yourself here:


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Here’s the direct link for the giveaway.

“While My Guitar Gently Hisses”

Had a bit of a revelation recently.

Actually, it’s less of a revelation and more of a “well, duuuh.”

It has to do with guitar amp hiss…but really it’s a concept that applies to ANY recording scenario.

Whether you’re recording electric guitar, a Fender Rhodes, a B3, or vocals…this simple tip could help out.

Here’s what happened. (more…)

The “Close Miker”

Remember that Seinfeld episode “The Close Talker”?

It’s about this guy who stands WAY too close to the people he’s talking to.

So awkward…so funny.

The thing is, just about everybody knows not to stand so close to people. We know that being a Close Talker is weird and uncool.

But when it comes to miking up a guitar amp, a lot of us are “Close Mikers.”

But is that the only option? An SM57 shoved right up next to the grill?

Should we be experimenting with different placements?

Check out today’s quick video from my studio:


And if you’re the kind of person who likes to get better at recording, sign up right now (before you forget) for my┬áRecording Electric Guitar class. Here’s the link:

P.S. This is a live, 4-week class. Included with your “tuition” is a free critique of one of your recordings. I normally charge $50 for these, so that’s like finding a 50-dollar bill in your pocket right after signing up. Come join us. We’d love to have you.

The Official Recording Redneck Test

Maybe it’s because I’m lazy.

Maybe it’s because I grew up in a small town in the South (shout out to Yazoo City, Mississippi!).

But I think I’ve got some serious redneck in me…at least when it comes to recording.

(For those of you who are outside the US and unfamiliar with the term “redneck,” it’s kinda hard to explain. Listen to some country music and you’ll figure it out pretty quickly.)

Rednecks tend to be unconventional. (Jeff Foxworthy built his career as a comedian by pointing out the unconventional behavior of a redneck.) They just don’t do things the way mainstream folks would do them.

They do things their own way.

They use tools at their disposal (like duct tape and WD-40, for example) to get things done. (more…)