It’s Independence Day here in the US.

That means lots of food, fireworks, and celebrating.

We have a lot to celebrate. I’m actually celebrating a few personal victories this month by buying a new guitar! (I’ll tell you all about her once she arrives.)

I’m immensely thankful that I live in the US, a land of freedom.

But I’m also immensely thankful that I live in the 21st century, a time of insane technological advances. For a minimal investment, normal folks like you and me can start making and recording great-sounding music.

And for that I’m stupid thankful.

Every time I start to whine about whatever limitations I may be facing in my studio, whatever obstacle I’m having a hard time overcoming, I need to remember that now is the best time in HISTORY to be making and recording music.

Mozart would have KILLED to have a FRACTION of the technological advances we have at our disposal today.

So with that, I shall go celebrate my independence, my studio, my music.

How about you?

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner

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6 Responses to “Take a Minute to Celebrate Your Studio”

  1. Bob Sorace

    Great stuff Joe, it’s easy to get bogged down in wishing we had this or wishing we had that. Just as a laptop has more power then what we used to send people to the moon, a bare bone basic DAW is more powerful then what Elvis, and The Beatles used to create their masterpieces! Now the question is, can we learn to use it as the great producers and engineers did? 

  2. Downstudio

    Your quite right Joe…I think it is all to easy in this world of ours to concentrate on what we don’t have rather than enjoying fully the things we do have. This is very true with music technology, any technology… and indeed life in general.

    Anyway Joe hope you’re having a great day over there.


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