2 Responses to “The Angry Birds Guide to Mixing [Video]”

  1. Jorge Silvestrini

    Great analogy Joe! Minimize what you have. I get really mad when people ask me you have the such and such plug in? I say – probably I do and I won’t use them. I only have them for people who ask me if I own them…

    Your tools are what you have to work and make it sound good. I tell people – stop looking at what I’m using and start listening to what I am doing and what you as a client want to listen.

    Know when you are finished – this one has REALLY been a master class for me. Like you say – you are never happy with a mix because – we are all learning new things every day (hopefully). Creating new mistakes is what I am going for! I have learned to stop and say – here it is. And I’ve gone back to some old tracks and just re-mixed them now with what I know and with a different set of tools and a different approach. Makes me “fly like angry birds” sometimes!


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