I rarely bring up political stuff, but I got to thinking about Obamacare the other day.

The idea of providing quality healthcare to everyone is certainly noble, but I have my doubts that the government is the best “man for the job,” so to speak.

(Please, do not reply to this email with a big long political rant. I’m not interested.)

All I know is that as a self-employed individual, I foresee some pretty significant hikes in my health insurance costs.

But you know what I’m doing about it? I’m working on my own “Gildercare Plan,” and you should too.

My Gildercare plan consists of doing everything in my power to not be dependent on someone else to take care of me. That means working hard, saving, and certainly not complaining about what “the man” is “imposing” on me.

And guess what, pumpkin?

You should do the same thing in your studio.

If you find yourself depending on anyone or anything other than yourself to take your recordings to the next level, you’re gonna be waiting a loooooong time.

“Just waiting until my plugins all work with Pro Tools 11.”

“As soon as I ‘find time’ to make music, it’s gonna be epic.”

“My recordings would better if I just had better gear.”

Hear ye my decree:

Dependeth on no man but thyself to improve thy music.

And that means not being gear-dependent either.

If you can’t make a great-sounding mix with the stock plugins in your DAW, that should be a red flag for you. Something has to change.

YOU have to change.

That’s what we’re all about over at Dueling Mixes.

Less focus on the stuff and more focus on DOING. You’ll be amazed at how much your recordings and mixes will improve.

Get started here:


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  • ironman2819

    The only thing I will say other than you should have just said “healthcare” instead of “Obamacare” (so you have already disclosed your political affiliation… ) is this… it is not the government that is doing anything in terms of healthcare… rather they are requiring the insurance companies do things differently to make it more affordable to more people and not punish them for being sick with expensive issues.

    Stick to music… not political punditry… it makes you look like an idiot.

    • I don’t feel like an idiot.

      • ironman2819

        …the ignorant rarely do…

        • Josh

          There’s no reason to show up, miss the point, and act like a jerk. Let’s play nice. Thanks for the constant posts, Joe. You’ve helped us all one way or another where it counts, in the studio.

          • ironman2819

            You clearly missed the point. And for the record I fully support Joe’s method for recording, mixing and production. But he made an incorrect statement in his post and it was unwise to bring politics into his efforts here.

            • Josh

              And I guess it would be unreasonable to let it slide? You’re a hero.

            • Not to be argumentative, but I didn’t make an incorrect statement. I got a notification from my health insurance provider that my plan is going away and I have to buy a more expensive one.

              • ironman2819

                That is your insurance company doing that… not the government…. and your post stated your didn’t think the gov’t should be running healthcare… WHICH IT DOESN’T

                So you were inaccurate Joe… that’s a fact.

    • dnbyriverinvan

      Yea Ironman, Obama care is working just swell, that’s why he has to unconstitutionally change the law for political reasons right ?I would think twice before you throw the classless name calling around, “PERIOD”.

      • ironman2819

        The “unconstitutionally” is only in your teabagged mind.

        • dnbyriverinvan

          If you like being lied to, you can keep being lied to “period”.;->

          • dnbyriverinvan

            “it is not the government that is doing anything in terms of healthcare… rather they are requiring the insurance companies do things differently” Yea that fine that you get if you don’t sign up is from the insurance company right ?And to think misinformed people like you get to vote. Quick who was are 16th president. And no cheating with Google.;>0

            • No more of this on my site, please. I’ll delete pointless arguments.

              • ironman2819

                YOU went there first Joe…. and you knew the potential reaction…. you even made mention in the post… so the only one at fault here is you…. if you can’t accept possible dissent, you don’t belong in the public arena making opinionated statements.

            • ironman2819

              You are a small minded poor excuse of a man.

      • ironman2819

        First off, the president’s actions are not unconstitutional merely because you think they are,

        Second, he has made fewer adjustments to the PPACA than Bush did to Medicare Part D

        Third I think my well documented facts are a stronger argument than your unsupported and unproven opinions.

        Finally those who talk about class clearly have none themselves.

        • dnbyriverinvan

          Sorry Joe.