One Response to “The Importance of “Vibe” in the Studio [Video]”

  1. niklasjblixt

    I totally agree with you. “Vibe” can be a huge “deal breaker” while recording, it can really help bringing out the best from the performer. Of you can make them relax a little bit more so they feel less like they’re in the studio and more in a cozy place it usually makes them perform more naturally.

    That’s one of the main reason I offer “mobile recording” to my clients if they want to. I can go to the clients place to record, if they’re new to recording it’s usually better for them to record in their rehearsal space or something like that. Where they feel more “safe” than in the studio. For a unexperienced artist it can add some unreal pressure just to record if they’re not used to that. An if you add that they’re about to record in a place where they don’t feel at home or “safe” you can end up with a unsuccesful session. And neither me or the clients get any good out of it.


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