Here’s the thing.

When your mixes are sounding muddy or unprofessional, what’s your gut instinct?

Buy a better set of plugins?

Hold on there, cowboy.

What if, instead of getting a new batch of EQ plugins, you really took the time to learn how EQ was meant to work.

Rather than just knowing what the frequency, gain, and Q knobs DO, are you confident that you know HOW to use them to get the results you want?

There’s a big difference.

Here’s what I think. If you spend $47 on my Understanding EQ videos, chances are you’ll realize you don’t need to drop $500 on a new plugin bundle.

You’ll realize that the EQ’s you already have are capable of giving you the sounds you want.

It’s like finding money in your coat pocket. Too fun.

Here’s what one of my customers (also named Joe) wrote:

I purchased the videos and have watched them all twice already. Do you actually have people wanting their money back? You are very kind to offer that, but I’ll be surprised if anybody would want the money back. I am happy with it, I think you’re the first person to actually make me finally understand EQ properly and how to do it properly, so money well worth spent and don’t want my money back that’s for sure.

See? I have a money-back guarantee. You won’t get that with plugin software. Once you buy it, you’re stuck with it.

If you don’t get better mixes after watching Understanding EQ, I’m begging you to ask for a refund.

But I have a sneaky suspicion you’ll discover something awesome.

It’s a win-win.

Go here to get started:

  • Xan

    Here’s an idea: Get that blanket that you used for dampening the room and place it over your monitor speakers. Now EQ the mix until it sounds at the least muddy you can get it. Now lift the blanket off!!! Ta da!!!! 🙂

  • Jonathan

    I agree that usually “more plug-ins” is not the right answer, and learning how to manipulate a song through EQ is great! However, I have found that the Cubase stock EQ that comes with it is HORRIBLE. I’ve A/B’d it beside tons of other EQs and it has always sounded terrible.

    • Agreed, Joe. Skill is the cheapest gear. Especially apt for digital EQ, as ALL DIGITAL PARAMETRIC EQ’s ARE IDENTICAL.


      • Jonathan

        No Peterson, all digital EQs are not the same. I think some of the top-notch ones basically do sound the same, but I’m telling you….the Cubase stock EQ is definitely horrible when A/B’d with anything good.

    • Xan

      Agreed, Johnathan. It can be ok for cutting bottom or perhaps top off a channel if you don’t want to introduce another plug-in but for anything else it sounds like shite. 🙂

      • Jonathan

        Yeah, all I use it for is cutting a few frequencies every now and then! People who say the Cubase stock EQ is the same as others (or even “good”) in general have never tried it lol. It would be awesome if it were the same, but hey, there’s a reason some EQ plug-ins cost money.