I’m typing this on my iPhone…from the beach… πŸ™‚

See, a good blogger would have prepared several posts ahead of time and scheduled them to go live on the site while he was away on vacation. Not me, apparently.

I didn’t want to leave you completely stranded, though. So i thought I’d at LEAST post once and let you know I haven’t disappeared or anything.

First off, I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who joined OneHourChallenges.com last week. It’s exciting to see so many people getting fired up about getting things done in their studios.


I’m obviously on vacation. But I was thinking about how it applies to us home studio folks.

Why do we take vacations? For a change of scenery, a change of routine…to mix things up.

Do you do this in your studio? Chances are you’re just struggling to find TIME to record, but are you feeling stuck in a rut? Perhaps a change of scenery is in order.

Here are some suggestions:

Try a one-hour challenge. You don’t have to be a member of my latest course to do a one-hour challenge. Pick a task. Set a timer. Get it done in an hour.

Record something you’ve never recorded before. Maybe you only record rock music. Try recording a classical tune. Maybe you’re a country guy, try producing a hip-hop track.

Work with someone new. Whether it’s an artist you haven’t worked with before, or an engineer you haven’t collaborated with, try mixing it up.

Changing up the way you do things can really help get the creative juices flowing. You’ll face new challenges, an you’ll be forcing yourself to think outside of your little box.

Share your ideas by leaving a comment. I’m off to go play in the waves.

5 Responses to “Thoughts from Vacation”

  1. christopher [chrisw92]

    I’m going to try something in a hour today, I have been putting off a little song someone asked me to do so he can practice better (without a standard MIDI file) and I am going to see him tomorrow so why not.

  2. Jon Rohland

    I may not be on vacation, but at least there aren’t jellyfish lurking in my studio… πŸ˜›
    “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, …”

  3. Bobby

    I mainly do instrumental hard rock guitar music. I have a friend who’s in film school in the next town over, and he’s asked me twice in the past to do music to his films. I’ve loved it both times, and since it’s so rare that he calls me (usually for action sequences) sometimes I’ll score music to a movie I have in my DVD collection, even if it’s just a 5-minute scene or something. Easiest thing for me is action sequences, so to challenge myself a little, I’ll try to compose to a dream sequence, a love scene, or a comedic chase scene. Either way, film music is far different from album music, so it’s a great way to break routine. πŸ˜€



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