Yesterday you got to go on a tour of my home studio. Today, I give you a tour from inside my computer, what plug-ins I like to use. Enjoy!

What plug-ins do YOU use?

  • Marc Chabot

    Hey Joe! Love the vids and the studio tour, and you have given me some great ideas (those bass traps a brilliant!) and I shall definitely look into those accoustic tiles (wouldn’t want to stick’em to the wall permanently…)

    As fo plug-ins, I have to agree 100% about B4 II. It sounds phenomenal! I use it quite a bit, along with some mellotron and Rhodes plug ins (Meltron 1.0, MrTramp, MrRay22 and MrRay73, all donationware and very nice sounding…)

    I’m a Sonar jockey, so I cannot speak to the Pro Tools offerings, but I can say that the selections made for Sonar 7 PE was quite through and provides everything you might need to get some great recordings; I suspect the same is true of Pro Tools.

    I also use a lot of guitar plug-ins, and the ones I pay with the most lately are the ones put out there by AcmeBarGig. Their DIG 2.0 Suite is a lot of fun and sounds very good. Even better is the fact that it is free! They also have a bunch of “harder” amp models and such. They’re well worth a look!

    Frohmage is also a favored plug-in for me. I love the variations it provides and has sparked creative jags on more than one occasion! Lots of fun!

    Anyway, I shall wrap up for now, or I’ll be going all day long!

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us! It is much appreciated!



    • Cool, Marc. Thanks for sharing! I haven’t used many of the plug-ins you mentioned. It’s good to know they’re out there.

  • TCM

    Hi Joe,
    thanks for the videos!

    I bought the Musician 2 bundle which is A good entry point to Waves and has the RenComp, and RenEQ and other easy to use plugs.

    There are tons of good and cheap other plugins out there.
    Some tips are there:

    Keep it up!


    • TCM

      Forgot to mention Reason, which is great!

  • I have to concur, Rick!!!

    Nice work, Joe


  • Bummer that Komplete 6 dropped all the plugs I’d really want… Akoustik, Elektrik, and B4II.

  • Great PT plug-in & VST tour Joe, thanks for sharing! I have be careful, these tours are giving me “shiny-new-object syndrome” which leads to G.A.S. That’s like 3 more things I’ve seen I eventually want to add!
    But, like you say it’s all about your ears and the mix and things like the Waves SSL plugs aren’t required, but it’s cool to hear about what’s possible with them.
    Great tours man, thanks again for sharing…

  • Very nice videos there Joe – I must say I’m quite fond of the 7-band Pro Tools default EQ as well. I use it a lot for quick hi-passes on any track that needs it! Maybe someday I’ll get myself that SSL bundle too…

  • Wayne

    Very cool indeed, but not in my budget at this time. I will have to use my Ozone 4 and T-Racks deluxe for my Pro Tools. Sonar 8.5 has some really nice mastering plugins plus the Ozone and T-Racks. The real trick is learning to use the tools you have to there optimum level.
    Great job on the videos great studio layout. I don’t have as much room for mine. Thanks again that’s my two cents worth.

  • Gale

    Hey Joe, great stuff, are the SSL plugins really worth the 800 bucks?

    • I think so. It’s like getting an entire SSL console for $800. Like I said in the video, the buss compressor is worth the price of admission.

      But like I also said, you don’t NEED the SSL stuff to make good mixes.


    Very impressive Bro!