HSCEQ300X250.jpgYesterday, I announced a new tutorial series to my newsletter subscribers. (Subscribe if you’d like to be the first to know about stuff like this in the future.)

It’s called Understanding EQ.

Does EQ drive you crazy sometimes? Do you find yourself randomly twisting knobs, hoping for the best?

Yeah, I’ve been there. đŸ™‚

That’s why I created Understanding EQ. It’s a 2-hour tutorial series, and it’s packed with info that should clear up any confusion you have and help you become much more confident in your EQ-ing ability.

Rather than spend the next year guessing, let me show you what I’ve learned over the last 10 years about EQ…condensed down into 2 hours of videos.

I’m offering it at an introductory price. It’s a ridiculous value right now, and the price will go up to a more reasonable price soon, so grab your copy today.

Here’s the link:


Go grab it now before you forget and the price goes up.

5 Responses to “Understanding EQ [New Tutorial Series]”

  1. Alaric

    Well I just finished the 4th Video ‘Real World Examples’. Great information Joe! You taught me a few things about EQ and you’ve also made me more aware of the importance & impact of not only using EQ, but knowing how to use it. Your ear training tips were very valuable and have provided me with greater knowledge. Lots of good stuff here Joe; you’ve opened a path of endless possibilities in the digital & analog world of home studio & live monitoring & tracking.

  2. Jordan

    Very cool! Do you have any sample snippets of the “Understanding EQ” videos? It’s just nice to get an idea of the feel of tutorial videos before purchasing. I’m very interested. Thanks!

    • Joe Gilder

      At this point I don’t have any snippets available. If you’re not familiar with my teaching style, check out my videos.

      Also, you can simply purchase the videos and if you don’t like them I’ll refund your payment. That way you can see the full thing and decide for yourself.

  3. christopher [chrisw92]

    its at an amazing introductory price, I wish I had even that much to spare.


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