Last night’s webinar was a lot of fun. For about an hour we talked about Pro Tools and some of the reasons I use it. I’ve got a replay for those of you who weren’t able to make it.

Understanding Pro Tools

I’m proud to announce my latest tutorial video series. It’s called Understanding Pro Tools, and it features 9 HD videos, totaling over 3 hours of Pro Tools training.

Throughout the nine videos, I walk you through Pro Tools, showing you all the things I think you need to know. If you like the videos I post here on Home Studio Corner (and I’m up to over 50 of them now), then you’ll love Understanding Pro Tools. It’s a more in-depth, hold-nothing-back look at Pro Tools.

The price right now is $39.

I’ve posted the webinar replay on the order page, so head over there now and check it out!!

4 Responses to “Understanding Pro Tools Released!”

  1. Julian

    Just finished watching the last video, and I’m SO glad I bought this. Joe really breaks this stuff down in a way no other videos do, and I own 3 other “Pro Tools 101” type videos.
    This is a really comprehensive look at Pro Tools, the possible workflows you can employ, and just a really great way to build confidence in DAW tasks in PT. And all explained in a very easy-to-understand way. Bravo Joe!

  2. Spencer

    Just got done listening to the replay of the webinar! Great information. I’ll also be getting the videos here pretty soon. So far, your videos have been the easiest to understand and have helped me grow leaps and bounds!

    Keep em coming!

  3. Mike

    Hey Joe, Great Webinar!!!
    just FYI… Just about everything you mentioned about Logic
    must’ve been issues with older versions, Everything you mentioned you can’t do….You can do…like tool switching with the mouse position, starting with a clean slate, and easy one key..key commands for changing windows. I normally just go between the mix and arrange windows anyway. Great insite about pro tools, lots of good info…keep em coming!!!
    Thanks Mike


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