We all know compression turns things down.

And we say we know that you can use it to make quiet parts louder, but some of us (myself included at times) have a hard time actually using compression this way.

We feel like this — if a signal is passing through my compressor, that compressor needs to be squashing it at ALL times. No exceptions.

‘Tis a slippery slope…one that leads to overly-compressed, lifeless mixes.

BUT…let me remind you (and myself) of one of the many uses of compression. Check out the new video:


And if you want the full story on exactly how I set up the compressor in the video (plus a bunch of other stuff that will make you luuuv compression), go here:


6 Responses to “Using Compression to Make Quiet Things LOUD”

  1. Progproduction

    HAAA!!! I CAN DO THAT!! It was briefly explained in “UNDERSTANDING COMPRESSION”, which btw. I’ve recently bought twice 😉 Thanks for refund Joe!

  2. VIP memeber Randy S

    Thanks Joe… always look forward to your points of view and the way you deliver them.  Your enthusiasm for all things audio makes me say YEAH, I CAN DO THAT AS WELL!

    • Joe Gilder

      Heck yeah, Randy. You CAN do it. (And nice touch adding the “VIP member” before your name.
      Glad to have you as a “VIPer”

  3. Tal

    Excellent points Joe! I think we tend to sometimes have a grip on the functions of compression, however the applications need to be thought out well. A legitimate need for compression needs to be addressed from the beginning. Anyone can “turn knobs”, however the skilled engineer knows what “spices” to add when and where in a mix. And I am only beginning to understand this thanks to your “Understanding Compression” training! Thanks for the video!!


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