As home studio owners, you and I will always be searching for better ways to handle noise. We’ll never have a perfectly clean recording with absolutely no noise. It just won’t happen.

However, to me this is just another part of the fun of having a home studio. You’ve got to come up with creative ways to handle specific problems. In this video, I’ll show you how I use an electric guitar to help cover up the noise and headphone bleed that almost ruined an acoustic guitar track. Check it out and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. Thanks!


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7 Responses to “Using Electric Guitar to Cover up Noise/Bleed on an Acoustic Guitar Track [Video]”

  1. Skip

    We have an apropos expression here in Maine….Wicked Smart
    Nice Joe. What were you using for the Organ bit?

    • Joe Gilder

      I can’t remember off the top of my head. The organ was either the really nice organ plugin that comes with Logic (EVB3) or Native Instruments’ B4, which is awesome.


    I thought it was nifty myself. I need to start recording with a computer in the near future. It just seems easier than having to fly something into your computer. Even though that is sometimes a necessity!

  3. Nargalzius

    Am I missing something here? Considering what he wanted to change was PART of a single chord, and the fact that the “attack” of the electric guitar didn’t really have to match (and that he did ANOTHER take on the electric anyways) why didn’t he just crossfade a single acoustic guitar strum (given he crossfaded at the attack point, I can imagine it working out)? I dunno, it’s like there was more work involved on how he “fixed” it

    • Joe Gilder

      Hi Nargalzius. I’m not sure I follow you. The issue was that the room was too noisy to record the acoustic guitar, even a single “strum” at the end. I wanted to get rid of the noise, so I used the electric guitar track to allow me to hold that final chord out without the noise of the room, since it was recorded directly, rather than with a microphone.

      I’m sorry if I didn’t explain this well. Does that make sense?



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