If you’re new to Pro Tools and other DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations), you should definitely know how to use groups. I created a video showing you how I use groups in Pro Tools. They can be an invaluable tool and time-saver. Enjoy!


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9 Responses to “Using Groups in ProTools (or any DAW) [Video]”


    HEY JOE,
    Thanks again for all the work. You are appreciated!
    Just wondering in “groups”, if you can group only specific regions in tracks, as opposed to just grouping the whole track with the other/s.
    thanks again,

    • Joe Gilder

      Hi Tommy. Yes, there’s a feature called Region Groups, which allows you to group regions apart from grouping everything on the tracks.

  2. Jamie Cerniglia

    I just saw the groups video. I thought it would be helpful to mention to your viewers that while working within a group, if you hold down the control key on a mac then make a fader adjustment, only that fader moves. When control is released, the group then behaves as expected.

    Great job on the videos. Keep up the good work

  3. jody

    why would you choose to group your left and right acoustic guitars together instead of putting both the .L and .R audio files onto a stereo audio track?

    and btw, great videos. found them through the winksound twitter feed (linking to youtube) fwiw.

    • Joe Gilder

      Hey Jody. That’s a good question. In this particular recording, the left and right guitar parts are pretty different, so I need separate volume controls for each. Also, I was thinking about EQ’ing each part a little differently. Otherwise, I would put them both into a single stereo track.


    Boy, Pro Tools does look like the way to go! Is that like drum loops or virtual drum kits in Pro Tools? The more I watch this stuff the more convinced I am that I should have just got a Mac and a Pro Tools setup to begin with. It just looks easier than using a Hardware daw like the Boss BR-1600(as far as editing goes).



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