• Max

    nice video….. 🙂

  • Another noob question for ya — I presume Quickpunch works well w/ a pedal? My interface has a pedal jack and I’ve used it for a cpl guitar takes so far; however, I have to hit the record button on my ctrl surface first…otherwise the pedal just defaults to “play”. I’m wondering if turning on Quickpunch makes the pedal behavior any different…
    My perfect “vocal” recording area is a bit away from the keys and trackball….so I’d like to just able to start playback, step over to the mic, and tap the pedal to start the quickpunch. Is this pretty easy? I’m going to experiment so I may answer my own question but haven’t got to a vocals spot in my demo’ing yet, I was just curious. Thanks Joe! Hope all is going well for ya post-move!

    • Hey Julian! The move is officially behind us, and I even have internet again!! Y’know, I’ve not tried the foot pedal myself, but I would imagine it will work exactly like you want it to if you use QuickPunch mode. Let me know how it works!

      • Looks like you can change the Footswitch behavior in a util for my interface, so I’m going to try that out. Of course with the ease of doing a Quickpunch on a specific region, I may never desire or need the pedal. I could pad the start to give me more than enough time to get over to the mic anyway. Cool video!

      • Larry Russell

        Dude you sound good man, you got any music out ??

  • Thanks a lot Joe! That really helped! Now I’m looking forward to using QuickPunch more!

  • I just mean automate that track to mute once the part is over.

    • How do I do that? Newbie question…

      • Same as the sustain thing, go in and change view to “Mute” then draw in a change.

  • Hey Joe,

    EXCELLENT video. I was actually wanting to find out about this so-necessary feature. Now my question is, how do you do it with MIDI signals? Does it work the same? Another question I have is that I’m trying to record my very first full MIDI song, and I have trouble “stopping” some pad sound. I have a region I’m using as a loop, but when the region ends it keeps pleying the last note of the pad sounds indefinitely. How do I stop it? Or the question is, can I use “punching in” to continue record the MIDI track?

    THANKS! 🙂

    • Hey Krem. QuickPunch isn’t all that necessary with MIDI. If you have MIDI Merge on, then you can simply record more MIDI on top of the existing MIDI. (The MIDI Merge button is on the transport window. It looks like two arrows coming together into one.)

      With audio, anything you record on top of an existing track is recorded over the pre-existing audio entirely. With MIDI (and MIDI Merge on), you can record over the same spot as many times as you want. Anything you play will be added to all the other MIDI information.

      As far as your question about the one MIDI note holding out for too long, if I had to guess, I’d say that the sustain “message” is set to on. There’s a way to change the view on a track to see thinks like “velocity” and “sustain.” Check that.

      • Hey Joe,

        I see. Very easy to understand. As far as the MIDI note, I think you got it right! I will check the sustain and velocity menu(s) to make sure everything is ok.

        Thank you!

        • On top of that, you could always just automate a mute for that track to make it shut up. 🙂

          • You mean a mute on a specific spot? Wouldn’t that add to the size of the file?