I had a lot of visitors to the site last week, and several folks submitted a question using the “Ask Joe” form. Thanks! I decided to answer these questions via video.

The questions deal with the following: [UPDATE: I realized after the fact that a 10-minute video might be a bit long, especially if you’re searching for the answer to your question. By all means listen to the whole thing, but if you want to know where to find specific topics, see below.]

  • Vocalign – 0:37
  • Good recorder for young band – 1:40
  • EMU 1616M PCI – 2:40
  • Getting good natural reverb out of drum room – 3:30
  • M-Audio Fast Track Ultra 8R, USB vs Firewire – 4:52
  • Good audio interface/microphone for video work – 6:20
  • Low latency monitoring in Pro Tools – 7:22
  • External hard drive for sample libraries – 8:31

If you have questions you’d like for me to address in a future video, head over to the Ask Joe page and fill out the form!

5 Responses to “VIDEO: Ask Joe #1”

  1. Jonas jansson

    I’ve got a follow up question for the EMU 1616m PCi card. Ok it’s working Cubase.
    What i was wondering. How do you get so that i can get like for example. 8 mics into different channels into cubase? I’m a amateur on those kind of stuff in studios. Like should you have a ADDA converter like the Behringer AD800 (or whatever the name is), plug some mics into it and use the digital output into the digital input on the EMU card? Gees i’m a bad explainer xD

  2. Jon

    For Vocalign stuff Elastic Audio in Pro Tools is awesome. Not quite as automatic, but very flexible and sounds fine as long as you don’t stretch or shrink to far.
    Definitely worth the effort on doubled vocal parts.

    • Joe Gilder

      I agree. Vocalign is great if you need results now. Otherwise, you can get the same results with PT and elastic audio if you work at it a bit.

  3. Ben of BenandJacq

    I got a last name shout-out! You definitely should have mentioned my website, too.

    Thanks for the tips. Here’s hoping I can talk my church into purchasing that setup for me. Because I know I’m not talking my wife into that setup


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