btdOkay, so you’ve got Pro Tools, and you’ve recorded a masterpiece, but how do you get it to a CD or iTunes? That’s where Bounce to Disk comes into play. 

In this video, I explain Bounce to Disk and show you how to do it.

If you’re already familiar with bouncing, be sure to come back for the next video. I’ll show you an alternative to Bounce to Disk that I like to use.

  • Would you recommend that I still use “Dither” if I continue to do it that way?

    • I would do a bounce to 16-bit, 44.1 kHz. If you recorded at 24-bit (which you should), then use dither to do the bounce.

  • This was extremely helpful.

    I can’t bounce to MP3 to put it on my IPOD to listen to it in different places.

    So I’ve been bouncing to AIFF then converting it to an MP3 in Itunes.

    I’m assuming then that I should be doing something differently?

    • Actually, that’s the way I do it. The mp3 option is a $20 upgrade from Digidesign. It’s nice, but it’s not that bad to do a quick conversion in iTunes.