One of my readers, Guinn, sent in a question last week about how to make his hard drive work with Pro Tools. Pro Tools kept telling him that it wasn’t an “audio record volume.” I remember this was the first tech support issue I had with my first Pro Tools system, and I thought it would be a good topic for a video.

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  • Stan Blyth

    Thanks! I looked everywhere for a solution. Once I watched your video, it took 2 minutes to resolve my issue.

  • Thankyou thankyou thankyou! This problem has just appeared, some time after I’d started using my glyph drive! Seems ok now!!!

  • dmadden

    hi have a question when i get the message hard drive cant be designated as an audio volume because it is not a valid audio volume

    • Sorry, you may need to reformat or contact AVID about compatibility or something?

  • When I tried this, I got a message that said the drive couldn’t be set as an audio volume because it’s formatted as a “FAT Volume”

    • FAT is a PC format I think. Might need to reformat the drive? I’d check with whatever DAW company you use for what they recommend.

  • Klark Kent

    i am having the same problem but when I change the T to an R another error message pops up that says ” OS cannot be designated as an Audio Record volume because it is not a valid audio volume” please help!!!

    • Hey Klark, I’m sorry, but I really don’t know anything more than what I showed in the video. Maybe try contacting tech support or searching the DUC forums? *duc*

  • hey, i have Pro Tools SE v. 8.0.3, and i have this same problem… but i cant solve this because i just dont find the Workspace – my “window” just have a few options. Do you know where can i find this?? tks!

  • When I try to change T to R it says that the “hard drive cannot not be designated as an Audio Record volume because it is not a valid audio volume” Do you have a solution for this?

  • Taughtbymachines

    I did that and it’s still giving me the same message. I have m-audio powered protools 7.4 LE. what should i do now??

    • Taughtbymachines

      it won’t let me change the setting in workspace

      • I’d recommend calling tech support.

    • I’d recommend a call to tech support.

  • Ray

    yay! thank you

  • Courtney

     Oh my gosh thank you! THANK YOU!!! you are my savior!!!!

  • Ryan

    Hey, so after going into Workspace and resetting the A and V setting to work with your hard drive, it was still not responding to the change even though I had set it to Playback like the error message stated.

    Solution: I actually had to select the session directly from the Workspace window.

  • RaStyle

    Hey there.  I am taking the same steps as you are in the video (which I greatly appreciate) but when I try to change T to R I get this message:”macintosh hd cannot be designated as and Audio record volume because it is not a valid audio volume”.  Any Ideas??? Thanks in advance!!!  -RaStyle

    • Sorry. I don’t know. Check with Avid.

    • Frederick Dator

      hi! I have the same problem right now.. may you help me… I cannot record… Macintosh HD is not an audio playback volume

  • Darryl Miller

    Thank-you…. 20 year protools user…. ran into the issue yesterday for the first time. Wasted a few hours on the Avid site looking for the answer…..

  • Nn5487a

    I never comment on sites. However it is 8 in the morning and I just got back from dropping off my girlfriend. I have the first time to myself I have had in a while. When I repeatedly got this error message it was as you said frustrating. This site was my first google and the video showed me how to fix the problem right away. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  • David

    Thank you SOOO Much, this has been bugging me for weeks!

  • Moeka B.

    Thanks a bunch, this was so helpful. My pepole where were flippin’ out about not being able to record. Thanks to you the day was not a waste.

  • Its 4am and my brains stopped functioning hours ago. Ran into this issue. Your instructions rock and you are awesome! Thank you Citizen!

    • Glad I could help!!

      • Jesse

        Hey Joe, I tried all youve mentioned above. I even uninstalled protool le 8, repaired external drive, repaired mac HD permission and trashed preference. When I reinstalled protool, i got the same message about my external HD not being an audio record volume. I tried the workspace change with no luck. Any other tips for this issue?

        • Hmm…sorry. I don't know what's going on. I bet the hard drive just isn't compatible with PT. Check Digi's site for compatibility info.

  • derek

    This was extremely helpful. I never have to search the net for answers like this but I was starting to freak out as I could not figure out what the crap was going on with my pro tools program. Your 2:30 tutorial saved me time and most likely money. I owe you a big fat thank you.

  • I actually JUST figured it out. I had to upgrade to Pro Tools LE 7.1.1 instead of the original 7.1 that came on the disc. Drive is now “R” enabled and ready to go! Thanks though!

  • Thanks for the video, unfortunately when I click on the “T” to make it an “R” I get the following message…

    “macintosh hd cannot be designated as an audio record volume because it is not a valid audio volume”

    How do I make my computers Hard Drive record enable? It was actually working just fine earlier today and I had set it up to be a Record Volume before but can’t remember now! My computer crashed today and I had to re-install Pro Tools, so all my settings were deleted! Any advice? Thanks!

    • Hey Brad. Your recent computer crash may have something to do with the issues. It’s always a good idea to trash Digidesign preferences and databases when anything screwy is happening. You can see that described here.