When you’re getting started with Pro Tools, or any DAW for that matter, the whole idea of inserts and sends can be a bit confusing. If you’re a bit hazy on what these do (and the differences between them), this video should help.

Thanks to Jon, one of my readers, for asking me to cover this!

What are some tricks you’ve come up with with your inserts or sends? Leave a comment for the rest of us!

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12 Responses to “VIDEO: Inserts and Sends in Pro Tools”

  1. Joe

    Hi, nice tutorial. I am relatively new to Pro Tools. Any suggestion on the following. I need to have one type of vocals followed by another persons vocals as one wav file. How do I bounce this, since each type of vocals has its own inserts ( compression, reverb etc). Each vocal is currently on separate tracks in PT.

    • Joe Gilder

      Set the settings on each track like you need them, then simply bounce down the mix. If you need JUST the vocals on there, solo those tracks and bounce it.

  2. Gary

    Hi Joe, great site, a wealth of information. Can you suggest a resource that will go in depth covering routing? Sends, returns, busses, auxes? I’m getting my head around a Pro Tools 9 rig. Any info would be greatly appreciated…Thanks…Gary…..

  3. Joe Gilder

    It really depends. IF they’re grouped to a submix, I’ll probably just use the send on the submix track (like with background vocals).

    For something like drums, however, I’ll still just use the sends on individual tracks. I don’t want the kick drum going into the reverb.

  4. Scott Champagne

    Hey, thanks for the video. I just got Pro Tools 8 LE with the Mbox 3. An issue that I am having though is with the inserts. the preset projects have inserts all there and shown, but if I try to add an insert, I can’t. even starting my own project, I can’t add inserts. It’s pretty frustrating because I can’t get anything done at the moment.


  5. sean

    Hi joe in the video you mentioned you can use the aux sends to send out to an external processor such as a compressor do you have any videos covering this ?

  6. Barry Young

    Hi Joe,
    love the site! what a great find! I havea question with regard to setting up Reason (4) and using it within my protools setup.Specifically with regard to recording the midi to track. I think i’m doing it right but would really appreaciate some confirmation/tips.
    I’m also after losing the ability to stop and start anywhere within a protools session for dropping in/recording which i used to have? I seem to always be sent back to the start of the track?! Have I unwittingly clicked on something or is this a by product of the midi element? I seem to have the issue on basic live instrument only template also though…which is why i think i might have clicked on an option unknowingly?!

    I’m currently on 7.1.1 i think it is ( possibly 7.1.3) can’t quite remember and am in work at the minute!!! 🙂

    Many thanks and I hope you can help me out I think i might become an active contributor as it’s a great site and you really make stuff clear!!


    Barry (Dublin Ireland)

      • Barry Young

        no prob worked it out! the start/End was set to way back (30 bars) so
        i put it back to 1 and that solved the issue!

        As for Reason Plug-in. Any help you might have/ tricks etc would be greatly appreciated!

        keep up the good work!



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