I came across this video earlier this week. Big thanks to Home Studio Guru for posting it! I linked to the video on my Twitter account, but it’s so good, I wanted to post it here on the blog as well.

If you’re a home studio owner, a musician, or both, chances are you would like to (at some point) make some money with your music. This video challenges the whole business model of musicians trying to make money from basic album sales.

With digital piracy going on everywhere, what is the musician to do? Give up and give away music for free? While a lot of people are lamenting the downward spiral of album sales, there are others who are taking advantage of digital technology and coming up with creative new ways to make money with their music.

Even if you are strictly a recording engineer, you should watch this. After all, if your clients aren’t able to make money off of the albums you record for them, you’ll run out of clients. Your clients need to be successful for you to be successful.

It’s a longer video (around 30 minutes), and it’s all powerpoint (gag), but the information is really good and quite inspiring. 

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, and enjoy!

NARM 2009 State Of The Industry: Michael Masnick from NARM on Vimeo.

7 Responses to “Video: Making Money with Music in a Digital World”

  1. Amin

    Hey Joe

    Been checking out the many aspects of your site, and just wanted to say that im very happy to have found it yesterday!
    Just finished watching this NARM video (although it did stop at 28:40secs don’t know if its from my side),and wanted to say thanks alot for having posted it, as it opened my mind to possibilities regarding the music industry and how to make a living out of it.

    I am currently an audio engineer student at the SAE in Geneva Switzerland, and i think your site will add a lot to my knowledge of this world which i love so much.

    Anyways, i wish you all the best and i think i will be posting more comments around here from now on…


  2. Saul

    didn’t really watch the vid. just listened as i was surfing the net lol
    me and my hip-hop group don’t sell our music just yet, but when we get 2 that point we’ll definitely have 2 market our music on a more personal level, because even i, personally as a fan of others, is not easily swayed 2 buy music unless i feel that the music is that great but if there was more value to the product it would make me more motivated to ‘buying’. at the end of the day, musicians need 2 think more like their fans in order to succeed at what they’re trying to do. thx for the link, keep dropping us posts 2 that knowledge, joe!



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