In yesterday’s video, I showed the basics of how to bounce to disk. However, I find bounce to disk to be a bit limiting. It’s great if you just need a quick bounce of a session, but if you want more control over your mixes as they are bounced, check out this video.

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  • When you record to disk and make changes to the track, you stop the recording and start again, does it creat any clipping? My guess is not because the source is identical in terms of wave forms and volumes (unless you change the volume right at the beginning of the session of the bounced track), but I always had the doubt. Thanks

    • Right, everything will be phase accurate, so a tiny little crossfade will make everything smooth. (You may not even need a crossfade. I just start recording a few seconds BEFORE the change I want to make, so I have some room to find a nice smooth place to crossfade the two parts. Good question!

  • Cesar

    I have 2 little questions more, how did u zoom in and out the wave in 5:12, why use 24 bit?¿ the bit rate gives u quality isnt it? and when u convert to 16 it reduces t ? or what..

  • Cesar

    So at the end, Record to disk and bounce to disk have the same quality?¿?

    • People have done AB tests and null tests, and there are varying opinions, but I don’t think there’s much, if any, difference.

  • Why not just automate if you need to make fader moves, etc.?

    • Great question. I use this all the time when I'm working on a track. I just
      want a quick bounce to listen to. I don't want to write automation, because
      it's not ready for a full-on mix session yet. I just want to do a quick
      bounce, but I also want to ride the faders a bit while it's bouncing, just
      in case there are any parts that need to be brought up or down. Once you
      write automation, you can't easily make volume adjustments.

  • Abhijit

    Thanks a ton Joe. I will try this…

    • Abhijit

      Joe it is very strange, In PT 7.4 LE, i can’t seem to find the regions window as demonstrated in your latest video. What is wrong?

      Finally able to figure out by clicking the bottom scrollbar’s extreme right button..

      • It’s there. There should be a small left arrow somewhere along the right side. Pull up your Pro Tools manual and do a search for “regions” or “regions list.” It’s in there.

        • Abhijit

          yes joe,
          as mentioned in my previous post, got it finally!! Thanks.

  • So Joe, based on what you said (this is advanced for me, but not complicated), you can route many tracks to particular AUX that will all in turn go to a audio track to record and then you have the power to modify the sound on the fly? Wow! This is certainly an excellent way to do it, and I had no clue about it. Moreover, would you recommend to bounce to MP3 or WAV all the time? What other formats are out there for bouncing options?

    • MP3 and WAV are really the standards. I wouldn’t worry about using any other formats. Nine times out of ten I bounce to WAV and convert it to mp3 in iTunes if I need an mp3 version.